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  1. Gose/Maybin Kinsler Upton Miggy J. Martinez V. Martinez Castellanos McCann Iglesias (or bat him #1) See you in October, folks!
  2. Guessing will be halfway decent. :-)
  3. Wow! Payroll must be what, 200 million now? Mike Illitch, God love ya !!
  4. I enjoyed this debate - as it was civil, stuck to the issues, and didn't have 27 people talking over each other plus making personal attacks the entire time. Hillary was terrible, flip flopping, you name it. Saners is very entertaining & runs well with progressive messages. But his lack of math sinks him. O'Malley - I like him, but he just fails to bring enough chutzpah to the table. Strikes me as a good cabinet pick. Who has looked "presidential" ? - Rubio - trump, at times (get him off twitter !!!) - Cruz, at times (but he's too far right to be electable) - Carson, at times (some quirks are sinking him) - Fiorina @ this point I'll probably support Rubio or vote Libertarian otherwise.
  5. tigerbomb's PM box is full, so I'm going to shorten his window to 10:00 PM tonight. Otherwise he's past my bedtime. :-)
  6. Jerry Turner was in LF for my first baseball game, back in 1982. Udjur was our SP that day. Orioles crushed us! My cousin Julie took us there,; I had to peek around a post to see the SS area from our lower deck LF locale. Ah yes, good times @ the corner. :-)
  7. Well I'm 2 years late but I'll go with: GOP - trump & Haley (wishing for Rubio & Haley) 'Crats - Biden & Sanders (Party chooses not to nominate a felon) Q - is trump just running for fun & to "test" various GOP candidates, or does he really want the gig ?
  8. 14 Shelton - May select @ any time 15 CanTig - Joe Jimenez, P 16 Gehringer_2 ***************** ON CLOCK ****************** 17 Tigeraholic1 18 Antrat 19 Charles Liston 20 titus tiger 21 Motor City Sonics 22 vannzee 23 tigerbomb13
  9. Happy New Year, kiddo !! Hey,@ least you graduated from snot-nose, right ? :-)

    You have pick #49 so start digging. I guess.

    10 wins for Harbaugh in year one, nice! Maybe he killed some walk-on kid w/ a trident, for motivation. ;-)



  10. SacBunt has been away a couple weeks, so I'll go with my pick (thx titus for trading down!) As you may have guessed - I shall let 'er ride !! Is this the year my big Okie finally makes the Show? I'll be pulling for this sweet swinger from the windy plains ... DEAN GREEN, 1B
  11. *** BULLETIN *** DaYooperASBDT receives pick of titus tiger, for his later pick & a refresing beverage to be named later. Film @ 11:00
  12. Sure can ! I'll only be here after 6:00 PM most days, may help picking along, however. Merci !!
  13. 2 hurlers from our first championship club, with same birthday - kind of cool.
  14. Hmmmm ... Mr. Marsh was around very recently, so maybe we'll have a pick shortly.
  15. Potthole will be picking sometime tonight, so Randy and Funk, be ready ;-)
  16. Matt is on clock until Noon on Monday, have fun everyone !! I'll be shoveling much of today, looks like. 1 estrepe1 - Beau Burrows, SP 2 treyKemper - James McCann, C 3 Potthole - *** ON CLOCK *** 4 RandyMarsh 5 thefunk 6 bosman 7 Tramlou 8 eastside billee 9 Walt 10 SacBunt 11 titus tiger
  17. Let's sneak in one more early pick, since Mr. Kemper requested his guy via PM. With the second selection in the ... aw shut it Bud , he wants this guy: James McCann, C Mr. Walk-Off James McCann hits walk-off homer vs. White Sox | MLB.com
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