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  1. Here's another great Germany story, or 2:
  2. Well nice work everyone! Be sure to pimp your aat by all means necessary this season. :-) Anyone wishing to pick their own aat can now go to it, because it's now a ........ FREE FOR ALL !!!
  3. Even though "Senior Smoke" was not home-grown, I will never forget the pitching CLINIC he put on throughout the 1984 post season. He could have put a camel's arse through a pinhole, that year.
  4. Team Mom also has some construction pics - she says I can share. Since I'm home sick, maybe I can upload a few. :-)
  5. I'll give up the DH if all clubs revert to 1919 uniforms. :-)
  6. Best thread ever. Here's #2: Detroit Tigers Team Photos Collection
  7. When will some of the players begin to show up? Man I wish I coul make another Lakeland trip soon, however my big 2017 trip to tennessee will crush my travel budget for a while.
  8. Searching for a pic of Big Bill James ... in a 1915 team Photo, guessing #3 from right, top row:
  9. Assuming that he can't hit a Volkswagon with a fly swatter, why you feel pity, of course !! david versus Goliath !! Pee Wee Herman versus, um, himself !! When a poor hitting pitcher flails away, it's a reminder of how damned hard it really is, to hit MLB quality pitching. You get to learn how Neifi Perez felt.
  10. Real baseball. Let the pitchers hit !! If you fail to get at least a tingle up your leg when Willis or Zambrano smack a home run, then you are less than human. ;-)
  11. Perhaps this will result in the end of open primaries ? Or any primaries really. GOP may decide on a caucus only system in the future, maybe?
  12. Um, hello, a manwhore is generally not able to qualify for virgin status. (Let's not tell Missy I posted this, eh?) :-)
  13. Yessir - once all the regular picks are made, we will have a "free for all" portion where all remaining players can be adopted - first come, first serve.
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