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  1. Or make the Dodgers play more often? http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/team-stats?season=2016&category=BATTING+II&group=1&time=0
  2. I once had this awful nightmare about partying late into the night with Tonya Harding, Lorena Bobbitt, and Dennis McClain. Woke up with my leg broken, my **** gone, and no money for a doctor.
  3. 1. Give the young SP the ball, ditto with my boy Rondon. Eat most of the big contracts. 2. Keep Kate out of town 3. Find a great defensive CF, bat him 9th. Think Gary Pettis. 4. Avoid the Clap. 5. Bring back Dean Green !
  4. Nina Hartley was great in Boogie Nights. Reminded me a lot of your Mom.
  6. Mr. I has been investing in Detroit since the 1980's - and finally the snowball is showing some results .......... http://detroit.curbed.com/
  7. They just had to level about half of it first !
  8. Oh behave - Detroit is back, baby ;-)
  9. Mike Ilitch didn't just help to save a baseball franchise - he helped to save a great American city. Godspeed, sir.
  10. Merciless trolling - when I'm in the mood for it sir ;-)
  11. This looks like the kind of crap I used to post here. ;-)
  12. AAT is on life support - and my recent ventures into other internet trolling (mostly on behalf of a 3rd party POTUS candidate) probably tugged on the cord a little. Missed you knuckleheads !! I hereby pass the torch to Davidsb, with the knowledge that he'll keep the fires burning :-) I would not bother with a draft, just not enough participants to go through all the effort. Just post a thread on a set day, and let everyone dive in - chaos can be fun ?
  13. Sweet photo ! I once owned a 1935 Detroit Tigers Media Guide with nice writeups on all these fellows. Goodness knows what it is worth now since I sold it.
  14. Heard you guys missed me. Kind of like Gonorrhea?
  15. Heard you guys missed me.  Like Gonorrhea       :-D

  16. Lee, try using only one mirror at a time buddy :-)
  17. You pick on Rondon one more time, and I'll skin you.
  18. Hey fellas ........................
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