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  1. Good to see your handsome avatar sir. I've been sick as **** for two weeks, so may as well hang around with you Morons, right? :-)
  2. Looks like at least 5 regulars in the Yankees lineup, Norris will need to bring his big boy pitches today.
  3. Tanaka looking sharp, Tigers down in order in the first.
  4. So what do our announcers get to do during ST away games - play golf? Guess FOX pays their staff by the game nowadays, yuck.
  5. The YES announcers ???????????????????????????? What ???????????????????? NO
  6. I would love to see four divisions of 8, and two WC per league. Twelve playoff teams is plenty, if drawing from 32 teams total.
  7. The mind says GO and the body says, yo.
  8. I get that after every single one of my posts. Can't imagine why.
  9. Wow, 15 Tigers are employed at the World Baseball Classic - that's quite an impressive representation I'm too lazy to Google, when are they due back?
  10. whups, almost forgot to post a Yankees meme, damn I'm slipping https://img.memesuper.com/1e34299010bacc8b4bd8b8d1fec2d9d4_bbbl-press-releases-i-hate-the-yankees-memes_381-377.jpeg
  11. Remind me to never even peek at your internet Favorites .... ;-)
  12. I'm way late to this party, but I'll guess (in order): 1. Vegas 2. Portland 3. Raleigh/NC 4. Louisville 5. Mexico City (Trump to throw out first pitch) 6. San Juan (once they get past that pesky bankruptcy thing)
  13. Damn, these long vacations are hard on one's stats!
  14. 1. Fullmer wins 22 games and claims the Cy Young Award 2. Verlander wins 19 games, but a couple of off nights cost him the Cy Young, again finishing second 3. Kate Upton calls Fullmer a ***** faced communist, and starts a Twitter war with Curt Schilling. 4. Miguel Cabrera lost for the season on June 13th with a broken leg (good thing we can pitch) 5. Tigers sign 46 year old Jim Edmonds to play CF, platooning him with Tim Tebow. Edmonds focuses on contact over power, earning our CF duo the nickname "Spray & Pray".
  15. I've seen some slow fellas in my day - John B. Wockenfuss, Greg Luzinski, older Rusty Staub, Delmon Young ...... Rusty looked like he was running on bloody stumps - but he sure had a sweet swing. Cas, it's okay man. I'm half Polish ..... and have never seen a Polish fella who could run worth a damn. Must be those big 'ol mommy hips.
  16. yessir - it's called buy low and let your kids sell high ;-)
  17. Wow ..... keep him away from Mia Farrow at all costs.
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