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  1. I liked Yan. He did well in middle relief, but he was dismal as a substitute closer. I see he's off to a good start with the California/Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels ......
  2. Or just call him "Singe", as in singeing the baseball !!! http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/229031_banana.GIF
  3. From the Associated Press: "At the end of the first inning, Idaho Bert limped toward the dugout with an apparent groin injury. MLB officials will meet later today to determine the status of I-Bert's consecutive games streak." C'mon Bert, suck it up and get back out there !!
  4. It is a fact that the minor league system for Detroit is 500% better than it was even two years ago .....
  5. I usually wander over to Yahoo myself ... http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/teams/det/schedule
  6. Cruzer - ditto to that, it's a case-by-case deal. One guy that was rushed big-time is Brandon Inge .....
  7. Probably OT for this forum, but I can't help but be encouraged by how well the minor leaguers are doing ... Toledo's in first place, here's their stats: http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/gen/stats/tptemplates/512.html?cid=512&t=t_ibp Hens have been getting good SP and have 4 guys hitting over .300 so far ... Erie's been in first basically all year, with exceptional starts by Don Kelly, David Espinosa, Rob Henkel, and Matt Roney .... http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/app/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=t_ibp&did=milb&cid=106 And Lakeland is a whopping 21-7. They have been getting some great pitching from Verlander, Tata, and Bumstead ... Clevlen has 31 RBI in 28 games. http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/app/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=t_ibp&did=milb&cid=570 Definitely a far cry from just a few years back.
  8. Any chance Giarrantano would be ready by 2006 ?? Then you could do something like this: CF Inge C Pudge 3B Guillen RF Maggs DH Young LF Granderson 1B Pena 2B Infante SS Tony G. Trade UU, Maroth, White, Monroe for an A.J. Burnett package ?? Just a thought ....
  9. Tigs need: 1. Health !! 2. Kenny Baugh, or better yet A.J. Burnett !! 3. To play Thames more 4. To put Guillen back in the 2-hole ... 5. Fernando Rodney
  10. And I pay homage to that great Tiger hitter, Johnny B. Wockenfuss !!!
  11. If you check last year's stats, you will see the exact same pattern, Tigs were absolutely awful in the late innings .... Combine that with the thin bullpen and the poor 1-run record was a logical result ....
  12. Higgy's trade value: Fries, double w/ cheese, and possibly a large drink ....
  13. Lions? Six points would be just about right ....
  14. It's May 4th, folks ..... Carlos is a career .215 in April.
  15. You are going to drop D-Y, Pena, and White, and replace them with ..... ??
  16. And another thing, if Inge lets one through the wickets, he's a no-good so-and-so, or maybe a such-and-such. But if Omar Vizquel does the same thing, well it must have been a bad hop, right ?? The injustice of it all ......
  17. Don't take it, don't miss it and don't foul it off ... Ted always made it sound so easy didn't he ???
  18. Might be easier to list who WILL be here, I'll guess Bondy, Baugh, Robertson, AJ Burnett (gotta hope), Henkel Percy, German, Rodney, Walker, Farns, Ledezma Maggs, Logan, Granderson, Monroe, Thames D-Y, Pena, Infante, Guillen, Inge, Martinez Pudge, Wilson, Shelton Late in 2006 you may see Giarrantano, Espinosa, Sleeth, Verlander .... White I think loses out due to a numbers game here, with Granderson and Shelton pushing him out, barring a trade ... So I'm subtracting White, Johnson, Higgy!, UU, and Maroth.
  19. I think they kept Higgy this long because DD thought Piniella might actually be stupid enough to trade for him !!! Hmm ... did Randy Smith get another job yet? Maybe we could get Ausmus a third time !!
  20. These Lions fans are great, they will give you the jerseys off their backs ......
  21. Does he still have a donut shop ???
  22. Freezers eh ?? Sounds like some sort of "code" to me !!
  23. The more I reflect on this thread, the more I think, "Mick, you are so right on man !!". Often it just seems to be the case in life that you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. It's a jungle out there - the more you expose yourself to the world, the more the bastards will try to get you down ... Keep your chin up, and remember some of these cliches I've shared with you today. I hope they will arm you against the slings and arrows that life throws your way. No matter how nasty a curveball thrown at you, you will always get a piece of it and foul it off. And one day, we will all get to crush one off the scoreboard !!!
  24. Au contraire ... I feel this thread missed time due to a Tommy John surgery, struggled a bit in the low minors for a while, went to Japan and Mexico, endured a 10-day suspension for drug use, but is now well seasoned and ready for a real breakout !! This could just be the comeback thread of the year. Why not have a thread that is poor enough to draw completely random postings, as many of my posts yearn to be. They yearn to be free. So, is it true there really was a Manboobs thread ?? BTW I would like to donate another banana toward this thread. Can't think of a worthier cause in baseball at the moment !!
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