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  1. Heard you guys missed me.  Like Gonorrhea       :-D

  2. Happy New Year, kiddo !! Hey,@ least you graduated from snot-nose, right ? :-)

    You have pick #49 so start digging. I guess.

    10 wins for Harbaugh in year one, nice! Maybe he killed some walk-on kid w/ a trident, for motivation. ;-)



  3. #6 pick not toooo shabbyyy :-)

  4. HBD fellow birthday dude!

  5. Thanks big fella !! The better half came through with filet mignon tonight :-)

  6. Hi sorry to be a nag, sent you a email on the Yahoo! league. I think you need another pitcher! :-)

  7. Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials !!!


  8. Hey big fella, will you be able do join us in the Yahoo! league this year?

  9. You just happened to log in tonight? That's awesome! :-)

  10. Hey good to see you around these parts. What's this once a month crap though? :-)

  11. Hey good to see you around again.

  12. July 11th was a very good day indeed! :-)

  13. Yo David, how they hangin' ???

  14. Thanks for the list !!! :-)

  15. Thanks for the kind words.

  16. Thanks man. I can't remember who first had the idea of giving Brian the first pick in the AAT draft, just glad to help honor his memory. He set a great example for all of us to follow here - a pure class act.

  17. Oh yeah well why don't you take your gold plated candy arse over to the phone, and call yoself a waaaaaaaambulance yo.

  18. Hey Norm! I must have missed it, thanks. I've updated post #1 of the draft thread with your pick sir.

    Regards, Andy (Da Yooper)

  19. You are being harrassed mercilessly, LOL.

  20. GO FOR IT !!! :-)

    Regards, Andy (DaYooper).

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