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  1. Norris is mowing them down - two strikeouts in a 1-2-3 4th inning. Still scoreless.
  2. My predecessor in running the AAT is certainly HOF worthy!
  3. So, Nick at first base and what's left of Cabrera at DH then?
  4. Show me the bet slips, or it didn't happen ? THANKS BERT !!! I really faded those past few seasons but must have made the cut, and I am way beyond flattered sir.
  5. And yes, Vlad will always be in my mind, an Expo dammit.
  6. Nah - just managed to slip out of her handcuffs for a few. Good to see you sir!
  7. I was going to guess Kevin Ritz. But then I remembered that Ritz was about 6' 4"
  8. Enjoy it while it lasts. As for the rest of you knuckleheads - better tune up those shoveling muscles, buddy! Life is good man - been wasting too much time on Facebook, and have been a lot more active in politics these past couple years (hint - around the time Gary Johnson ran for President, it's all his fault lol) Still working in the big city of Gaylord, about six years or so from retirement probably. ;-)
  9. Hey, I don't sharing some snow with you jerks once in a while. :-) Stay off the Hellway, er I mean I-94 if you can !!
  10. I want to hear Dickerson go on a Bob Uecker-esque rant.
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