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  1. Yeah, it's sad that I'm not as geeked about this game as I should be. But a World Series win would sure pep things up, and make us think about a multitude of sins. I keep thinking of the 68 team. McLain was/is a slime, but that doesn't take away from the memories of that season.
  2. I'm headed to bed, but before I leave, here's a final thought for the day: If the Tigers clinch a playoff spot tomorrow, will the Tigers celebrate with Welch's Grape Juice?
  3. This picture was snapped in spring training -- just before Ozzie Guillen stuck a hit of microdot mescaline on Miggy's tongue!
  4. Well, since he's been here, there's been a lot of discussion about how he seems to give away at-bats and not be concentrating fully. Right or wrong, this incident will now cause people to question if "outside influences" are causing this phenomenon.
  5. Golly? Really? Gee whiz, I'm not going to get any sleep tonight knowing that you don't take my opinions seriously. What can I do to redeem myself in your eyes? Just say the word. I hope I can somehow make amends so that I can get back into your good graces.
  6. Yeah? And if the 19-year-old had walked up to Cabrerra and called him a dirty spik and kicked him in the nuts, then Cabrera would also be within his rights to retaliate. But there's nothing whatsoever in any of these reports to indicate that this happened -- just as there's nothing to indicate the teen was taunting Miguel Cabrera. It seems you're bending over backwards to invent a scenerio that vindicates him. All we have is one side of the story, true. But, as others have pointed out, this "nothing incident" was apparently bad enough to warrant a talking-to by the Tigers, along with a warning to stay out of that bar.
  7. Ask an overweight person if being told "you need to work out" by a popular athlete, to the point where you have to ask the athlete to "let me be" doesn't hurt. It's the exact same thing as calling a black kid a ******. The exact same thing. But I was right: it was a waste of time trying to explain a simple concept to you. So, here; stay occupied:
  8. ...and wouldn't it be cool if the game ended when Miggy shoved one of the Twins off first base and recorded an out Kent Hrbek style?
  9. Against my better judgment, I'm going to try to explain this one more time. I'll type slowly so you can understand: I was not comparing the incident to suicide. I was responding to Pyro's statement that it's funny that Miguel teased a fat kid because "he's heard worse in school" and "he'll need to learn to deal with this sort of thing when he grows up." Teasing kids/teens/young people often is no laughing matter. In fact, kids/teens/young people usually take this sort of thing very seriously -- sometimes even to the point of suicide. If you think that's "ridiculous," and that making fun of fat kids/teens/people is perfectly fine, then I put you in the same category as Pyrotigers. And if you don't understand what I just said...well, here's a picture for you to look at to keep your mind occupied:
  10. But you don't understand: Miguel Cabrera is a great ballplayer! So we've got to defend him, and pooh-pooh any suggestion that he may have done something wrong.
  11. Huh? You're talking Geechee, man. Your attempts at logic are seriously making my head hurt. I say blue and you say seven. Let's just drop it.
  12. If you ask anyone dealing with weight issues, I think you'll find that there is little benefit in someone telling them "you need to lose weight" or "you need to work out." And, if the stories are true, the kid/teen/young man asked him to "let me be." So (again, if true), the teen felt the need to ask Cabrera to stop. And if it's true, then Cabrera is a creep, and I'm bothered more by that than the drinking. This was covered earlier in the thread. Apparently it's one of those Chili's bar & grill type places, which serves alcohol but is for all ages.
  13. because.you.said.these.things.in.response.to.posts.I.made.responding.to.posts.that.said.making.fun.of.fat.kids.is.funny.
  14. I'm in...but I've got to warn you: At $37.99 for a Bud Lite, I sure as hell won't be buying any rounds!!!
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