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  1. After all those years of hearing Tigers brass talk about a newly acquired player as a “professional hitter”, I think Grossman actually is one.
  2. Excited is not the word, but I am hoping Meadows might turn into something of value.
  3. Tyler Shough is not an NFL qb. Period.
  4. Smoke cured finish! You’ll start a new fad. Seriously, I look forward to seeing progress on both of your builds. Yoda, did you get the headstock cut out?
  5. I watched the last dozen minutes-the Wings had a 3-2 lead and looked pretty good. Much quicker than I had seen earlier in the year. But they were playing the BJs, both teams winding down a season, and they tacked on two ENGs for the final spread.
  6. Other than buying fretboards that have the slots cut in them, they are from scratch.
  7. Good info Biff, and I think that one you linked to is a good example/value for a mid-range model. Mine has the Maxon pickups, considered good, but not great, I’m happy with them, but may swap out the magnets at some point. Another factor to the levels is finish. To get a nitrocellulose finish you need to buy the high end ($$$) models. The poly finish on mine is amazing for the age, but isn’t the highly desirable type. i bought mine off local Craigslist from a guy that had two sent over from Japan. He kept the earlier “Norlin era” type and sold mine for $700.
  8. I made a Strat for my daughter’s sixteenth birthday. Don’t have it here (she’s 29 now), but she wanted it yellow, so it’s yellow. Instead I have a photo of my newest purchase, a forty year old Greco.
  9. When I saw the posts about blue Strats I thought of my aquamarine Am Std.
  10. And this is a DC I made a few years later.
  11. I’ve never uploaded photos before, here goes. This is my first build I made about twenty years ago.
  12. How does the fretwork look on the kit? I guess kits, since there are two more teles on the way. Fretwork and necks in general are the hardest thing for me in terms of doing a first class job.
  13. Hi, those kits look fun. I think Corky built a few guitars (basses?) way back when he started this thread, but I will need to read through it and jog my memory. I have built a few (not kits) and should throw some photos on here. And maybe one of my Greco for Biff. Cheers
  14. Every player should be available on a non-contender. The only question is whether the return is worth it. Keep him if it’s not, trade him if it is.
  15. We as a forum are good at sharing information, along with individual opinions. In the case of Nunez, I was keen on seeing him bring some thump to the lineup. Maybe I am giving too much benefit of the doubt to the Tigers (some of us give them none), but my assumption was that he has a problem of some kind that has kept him from being on the team aside from a short spell. There could be one or more of a number of things, like poor conditioning, substance abuse, clashes with coaches or teammates- I have no idea and am not trying to ding the guy. Since Baltimore let him go too, the Tigers may have decided his negatives outweigh the positives for similar reasons. And both teams are keeping quiet as to why. It could even be one of those odd false birthdate things, and he’s actually five years older and in decline. I don’t know. Squat. But it seems like something is beyond public awareness.
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