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  1. Not sure what he’d be up for, but I could see him finding more days off means his knee and other hindrances do better. And a healthier Miggy hits better. Once or twice a week might be too much time off to stay sharp. Could they go to some in-between plan after he gets to 3000 hits? Play half time, with flexibility that helps him stay as fit as possible.
  2. The odds that any specific player out of these guys becomes a solid MLB regular is not high. But out of a group having one or more that fit that becomes more likely. Still low odds maybe, but better. Wentz, Kreidler, Dingler, and I’ll include Baddoo, Daz and Hill in the main group. And beyond that there could be Faedo, Madden, Campos, Olson. That leaves out the Clemens, Workman, Pacheco types for now. Maybe none of those guys make it as regulars on a good team, but I would be surprised if that were the case. It’s just hard to know which ones will. I think Baddoo and Wentz are pretty likely.
  3. He’s still pretty young, right? I wouldn’t take his performance at age 22 to be indicative of what the future holds. The knock was supposed to be his body type/weight. I think he can still develop more (with the Tigers) given more time.
  4. Does Washington have Turner’s replacement in house? Or would they become a Seager suitor?
  5. It would be cool if his being this close let him be more focused in his ABs. He can smell the 500 now.
  6. Love the photo. A non-baseball fan might focus on the slide and Tram’s jump, but Lou and Tram are watching first base to see if the DP was turned.
  7. What was G2 saying about the run differential earlier?
  8. There is speculation that the Twins will dump lots of players at the deadline. That could tank them up to first or second in the draft. Thinking back to preseason rankings, that is a real drop.
  9. He doesn’t have to be very good to be a better than what the Tigers have available.
  10. Wentz is 23, Faedo is 25. I am not giving up hope on either, although a bottom rotation guy and a BP piece for a few years may be the best reasonable expectation. Perez on the other hand...
  11. Wentz and Faedo. But, yes, they need arms. BPA though.
  12. And another stop for a second case of cheap chianti.
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