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  1. Hearing him makes me want to pull out a Going to Work DVD after this game. I'm also playing a 1988-89 Pistons game while watching this contest. It's a super Pistons night for me.
  2. The amazing thing about that stat is its only happened once this year. It seems the NBA has worked on having back to backs happen less this year.
  3. Completely agree with the "protection." It's not protection, it's weaponry. The game is too wide open and the athletes are too good, even at a young age. The open field hits are just too damgerous and too frequent.
  4. I've had conversations with people about stuff like this before. If we come back in say 2120 what sports will remain as popular or popular enough be reasonably similar to what they are like today (even just 50% of what they are). I'm sure there may be people in 2120 still playing football or baseball, but I don't think those sports will remain as they do today. Those are the two that I think won't be around, and I think football when it dies, will die fast. I think the wheels are turning on it already to a certain degree at the youth levels.
  5. It's not even bashing. It's taking what they did and just honestly evaluating what the Fords have done, or more accurately haven't done.
  6. Joe Dumars could've won two games each season after the two NBA Finals years and I'd have a hard time being upset with him. There were two periods that the Pistons were a legitimate quality organization in NBA history and he was a part of both of them - one as a player and one in the front office. The Pistons were crap before the Bad Boys. They had very few solid seasons before the "Going to Work" Pistons came around and that included years with Grant Hill on the squad. After Wallace's era, the team has pretty much gone back to what it was minus those two great eras. For the most part, people don't want to come to Detroit to play basketball. This isn't a destination place where a star is going to say "I'm going there" and then bring two of his best buddies with them. So what options do you have? Your field of quality players is already limited because if given the choice, most won't come here. Maybe you can draft them. Maybe grab some gems through trades or as FAs. That's what the Pistons have been able to do twice in their franchise history and Dumars created the second one. So, maybe I gloss off his failures during the second half of his front office career a bit too easily, but I think he's owed that. He created a strong team for a pretty solid period of time, one that went to the NBA Finals twice and one that actually won a title. If he had some bad seasons after that era, I can live with it and forgive him for it. The peaks outweigh the bad at least 10-fold.
  7. Truthfully, this is probably the actual answer. Because even if the Fords did want to sell the team to someone or some organization with the primary thought of being "who will help lead this team to a Super Bowl" they'd have no clue who that person is. They probably think they were doing it the right way all along and just got snake bit. The one thing we'd have going for us is that I'm sure $$$ would dictate who would purchase the team, so maybe the organization could "luck" itself into a better situation. Well, I guess anyone or anything would be better, but a reasonable owner who knows how to run an organization successfully. But just having the team move to some place with the thought that maybe Detroit would get a new team in 3-5 years and start over from scratch - yup, that's probably the best answer anyone truly can come up with.
  8. This team will never do anything until someone else owns this team. People say "well this is not going to happen" and they are right. But, it remains the most important need for this organization. So talking about all this other stuff, really is pretty silly. Us talking about all those other needs doesn't make them happen either. We all have known organizations that had terrible ownership, but despite that ownership had great people who worked hard. However, due to the horrible ownership, the efforts of those below them made it darn near impossible for them to flourish. That's the Lions. They almost got lucky once - 1991. They were one half away from a Super Bowl, had one of the greatest offensive talents this Earth has ever seen with Herman Moore as another option and a strong base to a young defense. Instead of moving forward they slowly fell back and haven't won a playoff game since. They couldn't take what they had and make it better but instead crushed it and that's it. Winning a playoff game isn't that hard. Winning a division title isn't that hard. Bad teams "luck" themselves into doing those things occasionally. The Lions? 1-11 in the playoffs during the Super Bowl era, making the playoffs 11 times. Eleven times in 53 years? One win in 53 years? Really!?! It's not about the quarterback. It's not about the defense. It's not about the draft. It's not about the speed of the linebackers. Well, sometimes those things can be an issue as well, but those are band aids for the real problem. Even if the Lions actually address some of these issues, ownership will assure they can't accomplish their ultimate goal - or even come reasonably close to whiffing that ultimate goal. So talk about drafts, trenches and speed. Talk about coaches. Talk about all these other needs. They rank about a 2 on the scale of 1 to 10 why this team is where it is at. The huge 10 problem will always make sure there are too many problems for this organization to succeed.
  9. Is there a reason why the Pistons have so many home games in such a short stretch of games? Is there something going on at the arena that forced this to happen at this time? I know San Antonio always loses its venue for a long time, creating a long road trip (and probably a long home stay sometime during the season to equal the home-road games), so I get the feeling this must be the reason for the Pistons' long slate of mostly home games for awhile. The road run begins in late December and goes through January. So a couple of those days is probably the GLI. There must be something else happening? I notice both the Pistons and Wings have a lot of road dates at the end of March. Maybe the NCAA Tournament?
  10. That block had me jumping up and screaming at 1:30 a.m. I hope I didn't wake my wife. Eh, who am I fooling. I'm not too concerned about that.
  11. This is another game I'll have to wait until midnight to watch. I have to go to my first prep basketball game of the season tonight.
  12. I'm not surprised to hear that. They have had it pretty easy so far. But, hey, at least they are above 500 with that schedule instead of four games below .500 or something like that.
  13. Number 20 beat me to it - New ownership.
  14. He's been getting hammered in the last couple of games and is still finding a way to be effective.
  15. I would recognize that Kool Aid man anywhere. Good to see you Deleterious.
  16. Why did the NBA go away from home and homes anyway?
  17. They have been pretty frustrating for good stretches as well.
  18. Reggie come close to falling apart on a few possessions but makes them work. He ices it late in OT. Fun game to watch. The NBA really needs to add more home and homes to schedules again. I miss this format. It almost always changes the flavor of the second game.
  19. Skeetersoft is done. I never tried any Skeeter sets. I don't have any of Staffa's sets. I had my second-ever perfect game on vacation. A 1907 AL replay. The Browns' Beany Jacobson had it against Chicago.
  20. He's hurt by a pretty poorly rated Tigers' defense in my season. He's allowed something like 12 unearned runs.
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