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  1. That's not saying much when you look at his competition. Yes, he's got talent. I would never question that. I do think it's at a time where Stafford probably will never blossom into the player a lot of people think he could in Detroit. I think a change of scenery in another organization would probably do him well and he'd probably take off and tick every single one of us off. But that's not going to happen with that contract anytime soon. And Stafford, well, we'll be having the same discussions people have had about him for six years now while the Lions stride for mediocrity, doing nothing more than making the playoffs and losing when they get into the playoffs. I think a change would do the guy a ton of good and probably is what is needed for him to elevate his game.
  2. I never was upset with Caldwell. That said, it was time to let him go when they finally did. I wasn't mad at him and I didn't think he did a lousy job or was a mastermind. But, for the most part, he did a fine job, but it was time for a change. How about Patricia - I wouldn't cry if Patricia was fired tomorrow. He won't. That would look mighty bad on our mighty New England front office guru, but I haven't seen anything from Patricia that makes me feel like he knows what he's doing or that his players will play for him. I don't know if I believed them when it was said, but this was supposed to be a 9-7 squad that was going to make a leap into the playoffs this year. That was the bag of goods we were sold, and there's no doubt that this organization took a huge step backwards in just about any area you may want to analyze. This organization hasn't gotten better since the GM change. It's clearly worse off.
  3. I have to disagree. Aussie Rules Football is pretty awesome. And football is massively dangerous. There's no getting around that. It's way more dangerous at the HS level than it ever has been. The training is smarter. There's no doubt about that. They won't throw people out there with concussions any more. At least not as they used to. I still see times people end up on the field and I can't believe they are back out there. But hits are way more in the wide open than ever before. Thirty years ago, most hits in a prep game happened among people within five yards of the line of scrimmage in a pile of people. Today, you have hits in the open field at probably three to four times more than you did 30 years ago because the offenses open up the field way more today. Plus, the kids are way stronger, much better conditioned and just better athletes because they train year round. If anything training like that has made football way more dangerous - kids can play a more open game and hit harder than ever before making it a completely different game from 30 years ago. The education is clearly better. There is more emphasis on safety, that's for certain. But the actual play with the kids on the field - it's way more dangerous today. Every open field his is jarring your head regardless if you are hitting your head on the ground or not. The hits are just way more potent than ever before. If I had a kid, I wouldn't encourage them to play football. If they wanted to, I'd probably not stop him/her, but I certainly would hope my son/daughter would want to go in a different direction athletically. I see about 15 games a year and have for almost 30 years now at the prep level from the field perspective. No way is it safer today.
  4. If Blake stays healthy, that's about what I'm expecting 40 to 44 wins, hopefully at least 42 wins . Going into the season I would've probably said 40-42 if I was posting on the board at that time.
  5. Tough defensive teams speed up the game in your minds when you are on offense. Even when you have that rare open shot, life has been so hard all night you just can't relax and take those shots like you typically would. Oklahoma played like there were six men on the court. Eventually the Pistons' beaten mindset on offense made it feel seven men in their minds.
  6. We can give him some of the blame. I think most of the players forgot what got them there and didn't want to put that effort any more resulting in Flip. I remember being frustrated at times during the regular season. The identity that made the Pistons was slowly crumbling, and it took LeBron in the playoffs to prove it. We weren't the same defensive team and it showed. Then Ben was gone ....
  7. The NBA can try to outlaw defense as much as they can. The teams serious about winning a title will figure out how to still dominate on defense regardless what the new rules are.
  8. Great teams will play defense for most of the season. It shows their desire and shows their mental strength. Let's see if the Pistons can look in the mirror and recognize what it takes to be actually be a respected team (a term that came up earlier today). If they don't they may have a decent regular season when only about five teams make defense their primary goal, but they will go nowhere in the playoffs. Defense is not easy and not the reason these guys are in the NBA, but the teams that are willing to embrace it are the most fun teams to watch play and are the teams that become the strongest physically and mentally by season's end.
  9. Posting the same thing but I'm pretty slow on a phone.
  10. There have been some teams that have put some defensive efforts on the Pistons this year that show what it takes to be a legit team and that takes a willingness to play defense with this type of intensity in November, January, March and into the playoffs. This is what it felt like when people watched Ben's teams play the Pistons.
  11. Anytime Drummond is faced with physical adversity he mentally falls apart to horrifying levels. He's just not a mentally strong player. Just think if he is your center in the playoffs. Just have someone get in his head by the end of the first quarter and he's toast for the rest of the series.
  12. He's also looking from it from his team's perspective which makes a ton of sense, actually obvious sense.
  13. He has played much better off the bench.
  14. They were 14-6 last year. It takes a bit more than that to earn respect, and honestly I'm glad it does. Enjoy the process. If the Pistons are 42-18 one day and they'll get a little respect. Right now they probably won't get any tremendous respect until they prove over a playoff series that they can beat someone of reasonable talent in a playoff setting. Minus Blake and maybe Andre (who can still mentally take himself out of games) there isn't a ton that freaks you out and has you shaking. The team kind of reminds me of a second-level version of Carlisle's first team. A team that may begin a new mindset but its strength isn't in its starting unit but a reasonably deep second unit that continues the mindset. But no one is fearing game-planning for the Pistons for a playoff series right now. Let's see if that continues in December and January when trips become more commonplace and we may see more teams understanding of what the Pistons are doing right now. Let's see them earn some respect the next 20 versus the first 20. This team is a long way from being one that makes teams fear trips the Detroit. And that's okay. That will come with time if the Pistons earn it.
  15. I'd still be very happy with 45 wins. Of course I'd take better, but going into the season I would've taken 42-40.
  16. Keep in mind that he also doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to staying healthy.
  17. This has been fun but I still get gun shy thinking what happened last year.
  18. The Pistons controlled that game for pretty much the entire 48 minutes.
  19. Blake just made my go-to pig/horse shot.
  20. Keep him in until Andre goes 0-for-2 again.
  21. The Pistons are just having fun right now.
  22. 85-78 entering the fourth. Pistons leading.
  23. If the Pistons get it going again, it will become a trademark again. The one nice thing about having a bad period between good eras is you start losing season ticket holders during the bad era and usually for about a season during the upgrade you get regular fans buying single tickets and you get more entertaining crowds that engage in that stuff. Fun Pistons crowds are super fun.
  24. I tend to agree with what he said to a certain point. He's moving to a point where he was getting open 12 to 15 footers. I could see that driving me crazy on defense. Almost everyone it's either stop and pop from where you are or drive to the hoop. It would seem to me that would be easier to defend than a guy that adds another solid option to that arsenal. It would be interesting to actually see how proficient he was with those shots and see if it really did have a statistical benefit. It was funny when they were talking about his mid-range game GS had those two awful bricks with those two shots (okay, maybe they were a little closer than mid-range Js.
  25. My "yes sirrrr" Rip bobble head doll at work (one of those freebies I got at a game) still sounds great when I push down the basketball. Occasionally I'll ask Rip a question, push the basketball and have Rip answer "Yes sir.....". I'm sure I drive my co-workers crazy with it since they have no clue who he is or the context of the comment.
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