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  1. I've never been at the HOF. Do they have wings where they have "other players" that maybe have some legend to them, or are just well known because of their connection to an organization or something like that? Is there a place you might see "The Bird?" I really have no clue.
  2. On the bright side, maybe we all should start our campaign for Willie Horton. That was the name that came up in my mind when I saw Baines. I can see the White Sox doing something nice for him, maybe a statue like the Tigers did Horton. He's worthy enough for one. But beyond his primary franchise, people recognize him as a fine ball player who played a lot of years and primarily with one team during his prime, but that's about as far as it goes. Yeah, this is a reasonable way of looking at it - what if I woke up this morning and heard Willie Horton was headed to the Hall of Fame. It's something not even on the radar.
  3. Maybe if I followed this stuff closer I would've realized this was a possibility, but it wasn't on my radar at all either. If you told me to list 50 players worthy of the HOF from 1970 and on who is eligible and qualifies (in terms of years out of baseball, not all the other stuff), I wonder if I would've even thought about writing his name down. I'm guessing probably not. But I won't need a stress test because of it.
  4. I didn't even do my job very well when I was here all the time three years ago. Minus throwing a couple game threads to the game thread folder, I haven't done much. And even with that, I'm falling behind.
  5. Fifteen minutes of the replay at midnight should take care of it.
  6. That sucks, but he is getting beat up pretty bad lately. Every time he gets hit, I'm thinking the season-long injury is right around the corner. I'm sure he's nursing something more than just bumps and bruises. Maybe nothing major, but it doesn't hurt for him to take the game off. But, darn it, this is going to be ugly.
  7. Baines qualifies. I'm not trying to bash his career, but he's not HoF worthy. But I have a few friends who are Sox fans from my Morris, IL days, so I feel happy for them. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.
  8. Not really. It's kind of funny that I still have the "moderator" designation and I probably got the ratio of likes to posts you'd expect from someone who is about to get booted from the board. Merry Christmas to you as well.
  9. Nope, it's the HOF of good players now. And good players that people like.
  10. Honestly, when I read your post, my first 1/10th of a second thought was, "Why not?" But he's already mentally weak. If you sit him when he's healthy when he's going against his biggest perceived nemesis, that's not going to make Drummond any stronger mentally. But then again, getting torn apart physically until he fouls out after 20 minutes won't do his cause much good either. Gosh, what is the better option?
  11. Completely off the subject, but I think I must be the person with the lowest ratio of +s /posts on this message board. 30/34,535 doesn't look too good. Looks a little like the numbers you'd expect at an Andre Drummond Free-throw shooting clinic. Edit: I wasn't here for basically 2/3 years and I just noticed I'm still 12th in posts all time!?! Gosh, I guess I still need to get a life.
  12. I'm about to call Drummond John Salley for the number of bunnies and slams he misses. Most important possession of the game and you post up Drummond! Of course he got to within two feet, but you knew that wasn't going in. If you said "good decision" or "bad decision" every time Jackson touches the ball, you'd be hard pressed to do any better than 10 in favor of "bad decision" in most games.
  13. Well, the Pistons suddenly have a shot. Fatigued? He's in his early 20s, right? That seems to be a weird reason. But, hey, it benefits the Pistons.
  14. Embiid is thinking, "I'm going to right the ship tonight" for sure. You know Embiid woke up this morning thinking what crap he's going to do to Drummond tonight. You know Drummond was thinking "He's not in my head" when he woke up this morning. The only way Drummond doesn't foul out in this game is if the Pistons get blown out so he doesn't play enough minutes or Drummond gets two techs before six personals. If Drummond is still on the team at the end of the season (no reason to think he won't be) and the Pistons end up making the playoffs, I'd rather see the Pistons play any team besides Philadelphia. Can you imagine Embiid vs. Drummond for seven games? Correct that, it would last four games.
  15. It's time to give the remote to the wife.
  16. There was a shot he was fouled on in I think the third and my immediate reaction was "he made himself smaller than me on that play." I'm 6-0.
  17. That's the catch 22. I "want" to see more action, but I really do see enough. The older I get the more I'm getting myself "unattached" to all this technology we had in our world. I'm not going to the Yukon to live off the grid any time soon or anything like that, but if I miss some stuff occasionally, I can deal with it. Honestly, I can't believe how much soccer I watch, and I don't even have access to BeIn or try to watch games on the internet anymore (minus the occasional US men's qualifier that's not on a traditional cable TV station). About technology - My radio in my car went kaput about five years ago. I could've easily replaced it, but without it I don't ever listen to sports talk radio any more. Unless the 97.1 FM lineup is the same as it was about three years ago, I can't even tell you who their radio personalities are. Not getting it replaced or fixed has been a pretty smart decision. Yeah, there are times I could be listening to the Pistons game or listening to the Lions on Thanksgiving while coming home from vacation, but not listening to all that other garbage that is spouted on sports talk radio is one of the huge benefits. If I want to talk sports, I'll come here. I strayed a bit there.
  18. Thanks, but I'm way too lazy to learn how to use such technology. I don't even own my own personal cell phone, so I use it on a reasonably limited basis for personal reasons.
  19. 8:10 p.m. tip? - Even if I miss a half-hour, I might just have to put this one on as soon as I get home. Waiting for the replay at midnight so I can see the first the first quarter (if they don't jump ahead) can be a little silly. I'll risk it tonight.
  20. Certainly, just maturing may have something to do with it as well, actually can be a big part of it
  21. It happens all the time. People leave, it just changes their life perspective and they flourish. It's not even just a Lions thing. People do get to a point of just being comfortable in what "they've learned" in a setting and without realizing it live within the mentality they've learned in that setting - or maybe they are just too comfortable. Eric Ebron is a decent example. Yes, the Lions released him but his career wasn't in danger. Someone was going to pick him up and he got picked up. I'm sure they've done some stuff at Indy to feature him or help his game (just a guess I don't watch Indy game), but it was probably a change of residency and employment that made the biggest difference. I remember thinking the change would do him well, and it has. The offense next year being top 10 - well, they have to make the right decisions for that to happen. I certainly don't think it's automatic.
  22. Man, there's no soccer thread this year? England I'm hoping West Brom gets in the top two in the Championship so I can watch them easily on the weekends. They have Aston Villa later this week. A win would help the cause while keep Aston Villa out of the top two talk for at least awhile. After a pretty bad start to the season, Hull City is starting to play a bit better, but they have a big Championship relegation battle with Millwall. Lose and they may be back in the bottom three. Win and they probably earn them at least a game gap from worrying abut the relegation zone for the time being. It's been really hard for me to watch the EPL this season without a team in it to pull for. Germany My focus has been on the Bundesliga this season with Borussia Dortmund having an outstanding season and Bayern Munich falling apart (especially defensively) so far this season. Hoping to see more Christian Pulisic but he's been off and on with injuries this fall, but now apparently is just not playing as much as a season ago due to better options on the team. Just as with his recent play on the US team, his quality has seemingly dipped a bit this fall. Italy I was hoping to see more Serie A this fall when I heard ESPN was going to start broadcasting games, but it seems either they are on at times I'm not around or they are on ESPN channels I don't own or are on the internet channels. I have only seen a couple of games so far. That's too bad because I really wanted to see more of Ronaldo with Juventus than I've seen. And the games I have seen of Juventus' Ronaldo hasn't been setting the world on fire. He didn't score in the first Serie A game I saw and he's not put the ball in the net much during Champions League games. MLS Go Portland! I do want to go to a game at Portland one day and enjoy the crowd atmosphere there. My wife doesn't mind if I watch a game in Portland. She hopes they score so she can see the log cut. Misc On the table-top (cards and dice), I just started a 2017-18 Primeira Liga (Portugal) replay. I'm not done with the first week yet. If anyone wants to know about those games, just ask. I really need to get my butt working on the 2018 MLS set.
  23. I used to love playing chess. My mind is just not strong enough to go through a game like I did 30 years ago, unfortunately. That said, I'll occasionally go on youtube and watch chess videos. None of it sinks in, but I enjoy watching these people go through old matches and explain them. It's kind of fun. When I was a kid USA Today used to have the Kasparov vs. Karpov matches in their agate with (of course) the moves. I wish I actually played them out on my chess board. I bet I would've learned a lot just by doing that. Heck, I should do it today. Maybe I can train my brain to be able to play at a reasonable level again.
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