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  1. When this play happened, I started wondering if the Pistons were the Washington Generals allowing the Globetrotters to do their thing. Seriously, I was kind of half-watching the play and I thought maybe a time out was called or something, he figured what the heck and let's have some fun before going to the bench and that's why that happened. And then I suddenly realized "Oh, that actually did happen. No time out was called." I wish this was the replay from the Pistons' broadcast. It seems like they actually followed the play from bucket to bucket better than I recall the Pistons' broadcast did.
  2. Whenever I see Reggie Jackson I think to myself "Mr. October doesn't have the same ring during an NBA season as it does during a baseball season."
  3. I watched it later on during the replay. But, yeah, you might have a point.
  4. Oddly, Drummond's two free throws were probably the key points icing the game offensively. He looked poised on those shots.
  5. I'd rather win a super ugly game than lose one.
  6. What is this? A JV team trying to break the press against the varsity? Gosh, they may hit 25 turnovers.
  7. This is really ugly on both sides right now. Pistons can't ice it and the Wizards can't make that key bucket to really tighten the screws.
  8. Drummond's free throws start nailing the coffin shut.
  9. Nine turnovers in less than a quarter - yikes. I think it's 20 for the game.
  10. The only part of the game I missed was the first part of the third quarter. I am watching the offense right now. This team has no clue what it wants to do on offense quite frequently. I don't know how we staved off that last Jackson fiasco.
  11. He has. Didn't he miss two free throws in a clutch situation late in a game just a week or two ago? When he did that, I thought I recalled him doing that not too long ago.
  12. The Heritage Foundation - good reason to be skeptical.
  13. I got it to work. I just saved the photo on my computer and did it that way. For someone who uses computers as much as I do, you really would think I'd know how to use them better.
  14. Two-time National Champion. Note the hair. Okay, apparently I don't know how to post photos here. I'll keep trying. Well, here's the link anyway. https://www.themaneater.com/stories/sports/askren-qualifies-2008-olympics
  15. I think it's really hard to "tank" as a player in the NFL. If you do that, then you really are putting yourself in a situation where you can get hurt easily. Like Buddha kind of said, I think players may lose that "extra fire" or don't try as hard to win because of the situation (some may not even know they do this), but they aren't ever out there trying to lose. There's no way to be on an NFL field and have that mindset.
  16. She would have no chance at all. She started the last campaign with high marks and then fell straight to the bottom of the pit. She still remains as low in the likable category as she was at the end of the presidential race. Throw into the mix that she will never win when it comes to policy because she's about as Republican as it can get. Remember, Trump at least was able to talk to the left of Clinton. Did his policies reflect being left to Clinton is a completely other debate, but his talk was. And with Trump's supporters, the talk is enough. He'll lie again and if Clinton is his opponent she'll lose. People are tired of the Clinton era and most people know their policies didn't help the regular person at all and that they aren't going to help the 99 percent. Even if she tried to wrap herself as a "reborn progressive" no one is going to believe it because her track record suggests anything besides that. If Clinton runs and somehow wins the nomination, in my opinion she'll get crushed.
  17. Did he ever say that's what he truly did? The "Dos a cero" chants were always fun. I'm going to miss them.
  18. The Drummond trey was pretty entertaining. Heck, the entire game was entertaining. And the Pistons came back to win a game that it looked like was about 80 percent headed to defeat. This makes up for the game they lost last week (forget the foe right off) that they probably shouldn't have lost.
  19. You don't but the fact is many do. It really doesn't matter what we think. The polls have revealed that to be the case.
  20. In pretty much every election Hillary has ever had, she starts with her highest poll numbers at the start and then just hopes to hold on, but usually they decline. The more people hear from Clinton, the less they like her. She is that unlikable.
  21. And Hillary had bigger issues than "being a woman" in Michigan.
  22. I'd have to check on this, but I think the numbers have been lessened and I don't think they would count unless the regular delegates are unable to get to 50% with one of the primary candidates at the convention. It was modified. I may have it off a bit, but there were modifications made about six months ago.
  23. One of her big issues. Follow the $$$. It's all you need to do.
  24. As awful as Trump has been, how different do you think young people thing Clinton would've been if she won - at least economically? I don't think it's a matter of being dumb and idealistic at all. I think what you look as a great big gap between the two parties isn't looked upon as that great with the younger generation. Consequently, there's little to vote for one way or the other. What you see as may be a great divide between the parties, they don't see that divide. That's the issue. And it's supported by both parties not truly supporting the issues that would support them versus the 1% or corporations.
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