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  1. I will have to admit, since the Pistons moved downtown I haven't been to a single game. The Palace was such an easy trip for me - and once I got on I75 North. There are plenty of reasons for it (age, different priorities, family activities, work, money, and my own sporting activities based around curling and volleyball) but if the Pistons were still in the Palace I'd be going to at least 2-3 games a year. Before I joined a curling league I used to love the 6 p.m. Sunday games. I could do something during the day, go to the game, enjoy it and be home by 9:30 p.m easily.
  2. Tom Gores is someone with basketball card collection knowledge or TV highlight knowledge that finds himself an NBA owner and I think inside his head he thinks he has all the correct answers to all of questions. The only thing that has kept his goal from being achieved is an injury or two every single season he's owned the team.
  3. The obvious comment said 1,000,000,000,000 times a season but I'll say it again.... Complaining about the officiating doesn't make sense. It's something no one can change. The plays have been called and it's time to move on. All you can really do is look at what the team controlled on their own merit and figure out what the team could've done to make sure it didn't happen. The Lions were given some horrible calls, no doubt. But the Lions led 13-0 and settled for field goals way too often when they were in positions to score TDs. I bet every single one of us looked at that 13-0 score and thought, "Not scoring another touchdown is going to cost us this game eventually." It did. Did the refs have a part in it? We can argue that and the nation can as well. But, the calls were made. It's done. What may have been the worst call the refs made was one that was the right call that saw the Lions do something you don't expect to see out of a JV team more than once a year (12 men on the field) and gave the Packers a first down. Wasn't it a TD a play or two later? That's something they should've easily controlled and didn't. They could've still had a two-possession lead. They didn't. The Lions had so many chances to take a firm grasp of this game in the first half, which could've resulted in a three-possession lead, and didn't. From their own team's perspective that has to be the focus on why they lost - at least if I was a coach or a player, that's what I'd focus on.
  4. I think Griffin plays about 65-70, figuring he'll be on the high end of that guess. He'll be given a couple games rest and probably miss a few due to other ailments that pop along. I think last season will be Griffin's last year playing as many as 75 - even if he doesn't have a "serious" injury. I get the feeling his body is much older than his age and he's going to have periods where he misses a week here and there and probably gets around 70 games. Rose is just a major injury waiting to happen. It's not if, but when.
  5. I have to ask if anyone has started an "office pool" for the following questions. 1) Who will play more games - Rose or Griffin? 2) Will they combine to play at least 100 games this season? 3) Once they are both hurt off and on all season long, how many times will we hear this team would've done better than the 8th seed if they were healthy all year. I'm guessing by late February, No. 3 will be a great Pistons drinking game.
  6. Whenever they do an interview with Gores during a game (about three times a year with at least one being in LA, the first word that comes to my head is "Tool." I didn't realize the game was on TV last night, but pleasantly tripped upon it sometime in the second quarter with us already trailing horribly. But it was a preseason game, so big deal. I just wanted to have the "Pistons sounds" back in the house. It also helps mentally prepare the wife for the season as well. But when they popped Gores on the TV for the interview, I kind of lost my "first game innocence" about having the game on. I hope that's the last time I see his face until we have a game in LA.
  7. I do remember Doug wearing out his welcome. I guess I didn't know that he begged for Grant's support. If a coach has to do that to try to drum up support, then he's probably already done for.
  8. I don't remember that. But then again, at the tail end of the Grant era I think I was in Illinois and I probably wasn't on top of the team as much as I should've been
  9. He isn't given much love, that's for certain.
  10. It was tough - not much talent and the teal uniforms. YUCK. They had one solid year with Grant Hill.
  11. As a kid I went to one game before the Palace era. It was a hard battle for me to get my parents to buy anything but Tigers tickets. For that, I could actually get my Dad to let us out of school for opening day. But before I had a car and legitimate money and had to rely on parents to get me to sporting events, I went to one Lions game (free tickets given to my dad), one Red Wing game (free tickets given to my dad) and no Pistons games. I wanted to go to a Michigan Panthers game and told my Dad I'd pay for our tickets with my work money (I was 14 at the time). I don't remember if I ended up paying for the tickets or not. That probably shamed him into buying them instead. I would've died to go to 3-4 Pistons games a year back when I was a kid. We lived in West Bloomfield and Utica. We were a short car drive away from the Silverdome all those years.
  12. I wonder if maybe crazy Pistons fans like us have a different view of how he would actually be perceived. I hope you are right. I hope he'd get a DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS standing ovation.
  13. I picked the right day to check out the board for the first time in about six or seven months.
  14. I can go with some of that. He probably would help himself being around when reunions happen and a few things like that. But, really, I go back to this thing about him "having to be forgiven." Forgiven for what? Some bad seasons? The Pistons' franchise history is filled with bad/mediocre seasons. Why would people worry about "getting a chance to forgive him" when there's so many outstanding bright spots to just celebrate? I certainly criticized him at the time for some of his decisions as the team fell apart, but I don't think I ever would get to the point of thinking he needs to apologize for his efforts with the organization - certainly not how many years it has been later. Like you said, minus maybe Bill Davidson, he's the most important Piston of all time. Now, remember, all of this is being said by a guy that still keeps a Joe Dumars Upper Deck basketball card I got for a gift on the wall of my kitchen. It just sticks out like "What the heck is that thing doing there.?"
  15. I hope that the Pistons have another solid era and maybe something like that can happen. At least in my opinion, Dumars should be remembered way more for what he accomplished (two trips to the NBA finals) than the bad. Again, I'll say this. The Pistons have had two really outstanding eras in their history. The rest of their franchise history isn't very good. What do both eras have in common? Joe Dumars.
  16. Dumars made some terrible decisions that led the team down some horrible years, but it amazes me how many people just disregard the "Going to Work" Pistons era and him having his fingerprints all over that squad. The Pistons have had two outstanding eras in their entire franchise career. One was with Dumars as a player. The other he was the guy that created the team. I thought as time went by, people would start to remember him for the two outstanding eras he helped create, but it seems people focus more on his final years still. Maybe it'll take another at least solid era to make people change their opinions on his legacy. For me, I'll take two trips to the NBA Finals and think very highly of Dumars. Yes, he made mistakes down the stretch, but he created no worse than the second-best era of Pistons basketball ever. For that, I'll forgive him for the bad. Again, except Bill Davidson, Dumars is the only person that had a direct impact on the success of every single one of the Pistons' greatest franchise seasons ever. Well those two and maybe Mike Abdenour.
  17. I guess we know, we pretty much agree with this assessment. But it's hard to know how much the players wanted someone like Flip. It seems like some of the team just didn't want to put the effort they had for the last 3-4 years on the defensive side of the floor any more.
  18. He did that in 26 minutes. Wow, that's really working the +/- stat in limited minutes.
  19. It will be interesting to see if he ever plays 70 games in a season. This is one of the "games" I used to play with my Sporting News subscription as a kid. Find players that seemingly never could put a full season together and try to guess how many games they'd end up playing. I remember tracking Bob Horner to see how many games he'd miss pretty much every season. The guy could hit, but he struggled to stay healthy enough to get 500 PAs pretty much every season, sometimes missing half of the season and stuff like that.
  20. Maybe the ABA did it that way as well, but I know the CBA used to give a point for a quarter won. I used to love looking at their standings to see if a team with a weaker record was ahead of a team with a better record because they won more quarters.
  21. And even if he writes it off that way, he's still wrong. Blake being hurt isn't that uncommon of a thing. If Blake is your piece your basing your team around, you have to realize that there's a pretty darn good chance he's not going to play large portions of the season due to injury. And it's not going to get any better - he's not getting younger.
  22. To be honest, I don't remember exactly. I think they supported it. He pushed him without any real intentional of a basketball play - it was the right call in my opinion.
  23. I didn't. But, honestly, I wouldn't mind going to the game.
  24. That was tough to watch. But, somehow, I watched the whole thing. Watched it on TNT. They were joking prior to the game that they'd have some entertaining jokes at halftime, so if for no other reason, stay glued to the game through the first half for the halftime entertainment. I'm shocked they didn't have the Pistons' "Going Fishing" picture plastered on the TV by halftime.
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