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  1. Toledo 4-0 after one. Jackson hit a two-run double (maybe it was a single) for the key shot.
  2. I wish I was paying better attention to this first inning! The Mud Hens are crushing the ball. They had three hits, a walk and three runs before Norfolk got an out. Munson made the first out but then Rios answered back with a single and an error, putting runners on second and third with just one out. This is fun! Kind of like listening to Erie last year!
  3. Norfolk goes 1-2-3 in the top of the first. Toledo coming up. I think Infante is up first. If you come on and it's quiet, the game is probably on a commercial. They don't play the commercials.
  4. Brian, That would be awesome if they could get Abrams. Like you said, of course, that is only a rumor though. It would be nice if it was true. I too like the M&M gang. I haven't agreed with everything they've done this off-season but I do feel they have a plan and seem to be doing what they need to execute it. Really besides the Morton thing though I've really liked what they've done.
  5. It's working. The pregame show is on right now.
  6. Well, I apparently had my first snafu. This is my second time posting this and it looks like somehow I blew it the first time. Considering the Tigers aren't playing today maybe a game with the Mud Hens can be entertaining? This site should have the game. I'm not sure if it will (I will find out in about nine minutes when the game starts) but it says it will. It's a Norfolk station. http://www.sportsjuice.com/providers/ntides/ If it doesn't work, I'll post so people don't go on a wild goose chase (or Mud Hen chase in this case).
  7. I think the Tigers have only made awesome moves over the last 12 months and think they are within a year of seriously contending for something. Heck, they may contend this year after they win their next 10 games. Any thoughts?
  8. The Sporting News thinks the Lions will pick Quentin Jammer from Texas. I don't think you could ever get too many men in the secondary so even with our recent pickups that really wouldn't bother me - especially if the guy is as good as the publication makes him out to be. About all I really know about these college kids is what you guys post. I don't follow the NCAA football season much at all any more. Anyone actually see this guy play A) In person (I'm guessing not)" B) On TV? I still think there's a good chance we will trade down.
  9. I was curious what the problems were during the game. I missed the entire game and have yet to see any highlights. I see Ben didn't play again but Rebraca seemed to have a pretty good game. Was it a case of us just "not being there" after clinching the Central against Atlanta? Just wanted to get some input. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to lose a game like this either. It may refocus them. The loss did end any realistic hopes at the Conference title though.
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