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  1. A couple chances to get it under double-digits. Jackson takes another questionable trey. Jackson feeds Stanley and he misses a trey. Two more Philly free throws puts it back at 11.
  2. 85-72 entering the fourth. You rarely find yourself saying "now that was a good decision" with this team.
  3. Pistons letting it grow close to 20 again. As soon as Pistons get it to 9, they've done nothing. Correction - two Drummond missed free throws earned the crowd a free frosty from Wendy's.
  4. fourth on Ebiid. 13-0 run down by nine
  5. Philly probably would like to change the disqualification to 10 fouls so Drummond can stay on the floor.
  6. You said it yourself - he's a decent player. I don't think I disagree with that. But then Pistons' fans are going to polarize it because he used to be "our guy," wasn't really given a chance here and then he went off against the Pistons in two games and was the main factor down the stretch why the Pistons lost. I'll wait to see what Dinwiddie is doing in January before proclaiming him a future NBA star. Maybe it'll happen, but I think your classification of "decent" is more likely.
  7. You never know when a guy is going to mature, and quite frequently it takes a change of team to make it happen. And gosh, it's not like he's a flat out HOFer! If he was never a Piston, everyone here would've talked about how some silly sub named Dinwiddie schooled us. Who the heck is this guy that's torching us and not expect it to happen ever again. He's an ex-Piston so we'll have a tendency to over-amplify it. Yes, he was a decisive factor to beating the Pistons, but even now is he a guy I cry about that we let go? No. He's a guy getting reasonable playing time on a team that will probably have to fight to get into the playoffs if they get there. To this point he's eight games into the season, hasn't even started a game and had two really good games against the team that he has great motivation to want to crush. Maybe he'll keep it up, maybe not. He's certainly not this great "known entity" by any stretch. I'll check in to what he's doing in January. If he looks like a sixth-man of the year candidate then, maybe I'll cry a little. But even if that does happen, he's not a Piston any more and I'm not going to pretend now that I "saw this coming" when he was a Piston.
  8. Scott Mitchell had his issues, but he never had any troubles with throwing jump balls to Herman Moore no matter how covered Moore was. Moore would just get up there and get that ball. Whenever he was isolated near the goal line, we'd just pray they would audible to Moore and just throw the ball in the air around Moore. He'd get it. When Charlie Batch took over, he didn't have that throw and Moore's role on the change shifted dramatically. Herman Moore was pretty awesome as well.
  9. Just watched it. No. 2 is by far my favorite Barry Sanders run of all time. My favorite reaction of all time is Rodney Peete on the No. 5 run. Barry breaks a tackle, changes field and still has 25 yards to go with a ton of defenders between him and the goal line. Peete is in the backfield while Barry is just trying to get back to the 25 with his hands up signalling touchdown. I think we all did that a few times during his career.
  10. One of the few huge rewards of being a Lions' fan (and being a season ticket holder during Barry's entire career) is being able to say I saw the guy play and basically saw every offensive play he made at home during his career. Of course, I also saw him run for something like -2 yards in a playoff game at Green Bay. I haven't seen the video yet, but how many running backs can you routinely create a list of the 50 best plays for and probably still have about another 20 to 50 on the cutting room floor that probably were pretty incredible as well.
  11. You just can't foul a three-point shot by giving a love tap on someone's back with the ref standing right there. Just a stupid stupid stupid foul.
  12. I don't know if you can just shoot to shoot to possibly have another chance if you get the board. If there was another five seconds on the clock, maybe. I can live with Blake working for the final shot. He just got the ball too far out with a limited amount of time left.
  13. Yes!!!! Now let's not foul the back of a three-point shooter!
  14. Not the most inspirational shot to win the game.
  15. I went to Alice Cooper in Grand Rapids on Monday, so I have my Cooper CDs out right now. Welcome 2 My Nightmare (not to be confused with Welcome to my Nightmare) is heavy on my rotation list, still. I think it's one of Alice Cooper's three best albums ever. I need to get out his most current album, Paranormal, and listen to a bit more. I think I've listened to it three times since I got it over a year ago.
  16. I didn't realize the replay wouldn't be until 3 a.m. Usually it's not any later than 2 a.m. I saw the first half, fell asleep and woke up to see about the last 30 seconds somehow. Apparently I missed a pretty entertaining second half.
  17. I played a lot of basketball in college, just out of college and while I lived in Albion. When I moved to Illinois, I got out of the basketball loop and never got back into it. I wasn't very good, but I really enjoyed it.
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