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  1. My ticket rep sent me a breakdown of face values per game for partial and full season tickets. Prices have dropped between $2 and $4 per ticket per game. They use dynamic pricing for individual games, so the decreases may not be there during the season. Before the escalation in team payroll, they usually raised prices a dollar or two every two years. Since the Fielder signing it has been every year. I can't recall a team dropping prices as much as they are after one bad year. Last year (full season) Premium - $27 Regular - $23 Value - $19 This year Premium - $23 Regular - $19 Value - $17 Last year (partial season) Premium - $29 Regular - $24 Value - $19 This year Premium - $25 Regular - $21 Value - $19
  2. Great idea. Spring Training and Huey were synonymous.
  3. Are the Lions the only team in the league with their jock-sniffing publicist next to the head coach on the sideline?
  4. If they don't make it you know they'll get the onside kick and win with a FG.
  5. Any particular reason to kick from a hash mark?
  6. I love my dogs, spoiled every one of them, but I never understood the whole doggy day care trend. First, they're dogs. Maybe it's just my dogs, but the minute you walk out the door they sleep. I've had to run back into the house and she was sound asleep, a minute after I walked out. And then the whole report card? The first time I saw one I thought it was a gag that the center did as a joke. Then I found out otherwise. The other thing I've seen, from a coworker, is a website with live streaming so you can look in on your dog. I guess the centers have found a way to separate people from their money and have perfected it.
  7. I really don't think they would. All during the last 15 years the fans have continued to support this franchise. If the first ever 0-16 season doesn't drive the fans away in droves I can't see anything doing so. There have been protests and crying on talk radio and the Internet, but 65k still show up on Sunday.
  8. I went through the hate stage in the mid-2000's after Millen was given the contract extension. The last four or five years have been apathetic and I enjoy my Sundays more than ever. I'll still watch if I'm home, but I have no feeling one way or the other.
  9. Mine is also the 97 Jets game. I remember yelling and not being able to hear myself. It had everything, the win or go home for both teams, Reggie Brown's injury with Johnny Morton sprinting with the stretcher from the other end of the field and Barry's improbable 2,000 yards after only having 20-something the first half, needing 131 and finishing with 184.
  10. Very sad news. I'm going to miss his kind posts, they were always positive even during a not so cordial discussion topic. His Spring Training posts were always a sign that warmer weather and baseball was soon on their way.
  11. Full season holder since 2005 and didn't get an email. What does it entail?
  12. Does the crowd even realize what's going on? I know it's not a traditional one, but still.
  13. Astoria Bakery in the heart of Greektown. Fantastic little sweets shop next to Pizza Papalis, another place to go for Chicago style pizza.
  14. We've had a hellacious three months in the dog department. Our 9 year old bulldog we rescued three years ago died suddenly at the end of May, just a week after getting a clean bill of health. A couple weeks later we took in a rescue from a shelter who was in much worse shape than we thought. She had pneumonia which the foster mom wasn't aware of. After a week in ICU we had to put her down. Three weeks later we were fostering another with the intention to adopt after she had surgeries on her knees and was cleared from her medical hold. She had her first surgery, came out of anesthesia fine then just stopped breathing. No warning or distress, just stopped breathing. Both dogs stayed in our house one night. Of course were gluttons for punishment and took in another rescue. The organization felt horrible about the last dog. Happy to say the newest one has woken up five straight mornings.
  15. I have a Netgear extender and it works perfectly. We have a 2,100 sq ft ranch with the router at one end. The signal at the other end was spotty at best. The one I bought plugs directly into the wall socket. Our bedroom is at the other end of the house and we stream Amazon with absolutely no buffering. It also covers the basement where our DirectTV main box is and steaming on that box works great. I bought it from Best Buy for around $70.
  16. Not an Ausmus trademark, Leyland did it every opportunity. Just go after the hitter.
  17. The way he was walking, it could be Achilles. Hoping for a calf at best.
  18. At what point does Tigers management realize Albuquerque isn't a major league pitcher?
  19. Very cool. My wife and I are halfway there. Actually, she's one up on me. I've been to new Comiskey, but she has been to both the Metrodome and Target Field. And I agree, my favorites are also PNC and AT&T. Wrigley is also there, but it's tough to compare, apples and oranges.
  20. Tiger Stadium Comerica Park Wrigley Field New Comiskey Jacobs Field Rogers Centre PNC Park Nationals Park Camden Yards AT&T Park Petco Park Ballpark at Arlington Great American Ballpark Turner Field
  21. Great read. Thanks for posting this for us. I had a chance to talk to him in the lobby of the team's hotel in Toronto a few years back. We talked about the play "Ernie" which he hadn't seen, but was planning to see it the next time they were home. Just a really nice, down-to-earth guy.
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