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  1. I don't think so. This is literally the only website I get it on, and it happens from both my mac and macbook pro. I will try it on 3rd laptop at work(windows 7) today. It also only happens once per browser session. And only when I click over from yahoo.
  2. the first time I click on a link from my yahoo feed I get redirected here, then I go back and it lets me through. what gives?
  3. So move him out to the pepsi porch
  4. Taking it in a different direction. Big game today. Go Blue!
  5. http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3198/qj92.jpg' alt='qj92.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us Because of his defense...get it?...nevermind, I'm going back under my bridge...
  6. Maybe they are shooting for an opposite field of dreams kind of thing
  7. This. Also a hard slide is baseball but you know what else is baseball: being smart about shielding yourself from a runner by using the bag. I am tired of seeing these guys start their slides two feet from second and end up in left field. I would be in favor of if you can't touch second base from where you end up, you are immediately suspended 1 more game that the player you hurt is out.
  8. This thread is almost enough to get me to come out of retirement...We need to be one game better than the rest of our division to make the playoffs. You, by definition, cannot be top tier without being a postseason team (unless your tiers are so big they are irrelevant). So regardless we are already top tier. Also, the un balanced schedule makes comparing divisions, especially at this point, really moot.
  9. That's Hilarious. I only opened the thread because the grammar was so bad (to see if anyone corrected it). Merry Christmas!
  10. If FSU is admitted to AAU this deal will absolutely happen
  11. and that he couldn't hit the dugout wall with a bat...
  12. Cabrera is a superstar, and the best player in the game. He carries the team whenever he has the chance, my point was simply that the legs of Berry and the consistent bat of Dirks bring an electricity to the rest of the lineup
  13. The have power at the corners, its just the IF corners, and as of late DH. There is no question (to anyone with eyeballs) that for whatever reason, Berry and Dirks combined in the lineup together is the catalyst for the tigers. Everybody else plays better. I think you need to ride it at this point. Sometimes minor league stats alone don't tell a story.
  14. Here is the Bronco schedule with TV/Radio coverages * denote conference games: Sat, Apr 14 Brown & Gold Game Kalamazoo, Mich. 12 p.m. 41 - 28 (W) Sat, Sep 01 Illinois Champaign, Ill. 12 p.m. 7 - 24 (L) ESPNU Bronco Radio Network 21st Annual CommUniverCity Night Sat, Sep 08 Eastern Illinois Kalamazoo, Mich. 7 p.m. ESPN3 Bronco Radio Network Sat, Sep 15 Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. 12 p.m. B1G Network Bronco Radio Network Corral Pre-Game Event Sat, Sep 22 Connecticut Kalamazoo, Mich. 2 p.m. ESPN3 Bronco Radio Network 13th Annual Education Day Sat, Sep 29 Toledo * Kalamazoo, Mich. 7 p.m. ESPN3 Bronco Radio Network 89th Annual Homecoming Game Sat, Oct 06 UMass * Kalamazoo, Mich. 2 p.m. Bronco Insider Bronco Radio Network Sat, Oct 13 Ball State * Muncie, Ind. 3 p.m. Bronco Radio Network Sat, Oct 20 Kent State * Kent, Ohio 3:30 p.m. Bronco Radio Network Hall of Fame Game Sat, Oct 27 Northern Illinois * Kalamazoo, Mich. 12 p.m. ESPN Regional/ESPN GamePlan/ESPN3 Bronco Radio Network "Battle for the Cannon" Sat, Nov 03 Central Michigan * Mount Pleasant, Mich. 1 p.m. ESPN3 Bronco Radio Network Sat, Nov 10 Buffalo * Buffalo, N.Y. 3:30 p.m. Bronco Radio Network Salute to Veterans/Senior Day Sat, Nov 17 Eastern Michigan * Kalamazoo, Mich. 2 p.m. Bronco Insider Bronco Radio Network 15th MAC Championship Game Fri, Nov 30 TBA Detroit, Mich. (Ford Field) 7 p.m. ESPN2 Bronco Radio Network
  15. That would be great if Leyland were to actually run him. The other night in Verlanders start they had Cabrera at second in the 9th with less than 2 outs. If Berry runs he scores on EITHER the base hit that they held Cabrera OR the play Miguel is thrown out at home. The one place Berry is of no help is rotting on the bench.
  16. Considering the way lawns look across Michigan in this drought....My AAT may be an MVP candidate!
  17. I am as big a hater of Leyland's plug and play lineups as you will find, but seriously who else do you hit here? Boesch and Avila are the two obvious choices but I don't like lefty lefty in that spot. Also neither is setting the world ablaze enough to warrant a move anyway. Peralta is not hitting his weight with RISP (OK I didn't look that up, but it sure feels that way, besides isn't he like 2-25 or something like that?). Infante? Scary 5 hitter material. Not to mention if you move any of them the BETTER drive in runs because it will be an inning and a third before we have another base runner. So looking at the bench: Raburn, Kelley, Santiago. Oh my god, I forgot how deep we are right now. That leaves the only other option: Laird. Actually not a bad option except if something happens to the other catcher we are screwed. Laird brings also brings absolutely no fear of a long ball, which at least enters the back of the mind with Delmon. I don't like him either, but right now we don't have another real choice. Hurry Castellanos. Hurry.
  18. I don't want to see Peralta go right now. It just looks a lot to me like a dumb rumor popping up in trade season usually is closer to home than you might think. By a deal somewhere else I mean they will not get Drew. Its a ruse. A smokescreen. A diversion. They are trying to drive up the price of a Peralta who looks a lot more like the player Cleveland gave up than the one we stole. If they can show a market for him maybe they can save a prospect or two. But they better get a SS back too. It doesn't help us to get a new 2B if we move Santiago to short...
  19. These Drew rumors keep coming back. I think they are trying to show someone else is interested in Peralta, to get an unseen deal done. A deal with him in it somewhere else is likely in the works...
  20. Someplace we already have people who won't fit anywhere else. The best fit to remain a Tiger longer term may be (don't laugh): left field. He is moderately athletic, has a decent arm, and the three positions he logically fits are currently occupied by Victor, Prince, and Miguel, at least in the short term. He would be no worse defensively than some of the clowns we have trotted out there in the past couple of years! That probably means if he can't catch he will have to go somewhere else. That would make me sad.
  21. I love these. Sad that soon they will be irrelevant because at our current rate all these guys will be in the show as replacements by October, so we will get to see them first had
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