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  1. I don't think so. This is literally the only website I get it on, and it happens from both my mac and macbook pro. I will try it on 3rd laptop at work(windows 7) today. It also only happens once per browser session. And only when I click over from yahoo.
  2. the first time I click on a link from my yahoo feed I get redirected here, then I go back and it lets me through. what gives?
  3. So move him out to the pepsi porch
  4. Taking it in a different direction. Big game today. Go Blue!
  5. http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3198/qj92.jpg' alt='qj92.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us Because of his defense...get it?...nevermind, I'm going back under my bridge...
  6. Maybe they are shooting for an opposite field of dreams kind of thing
  7. This. Also a hard slide is baseball but you know what else is baseball: being smart about shielding yourself from a runner by using the bag. I am tired of seeing these guys start their slides two feet from second and end up in left field. I would be in favor of if you can't touch second base from where you end up, you are immediately suspended 1 more game that the player you hurt is out.
  8. This thread is almost enough to get me to come out of retirement...We need to be one game better than the rest of our division to make the playoffs. You, by definition, cannot be top tier without being a postseason team (unless your tiers are so big they are irrelevant). So regardless we are already top tier. Also, the un balanced schedule makes comparing divisions, especially at this point, really moot.
  9. That's Hilarious. I only opened the thread because the grammar was so bad (to see if anyone corrected it). Merry Christmas!
  10. If FSU is admitted to AAU this deal will absolutely happen
  11. and that he couldn't hit the dugout wall with a bat...
  12. Cabrera is a superstar, and the best player in the game. He carries the team whenever he has the chance, my point was simply that the legs of Berry and the consistent bat of Dirks bring an electricity to the rest of the lineup
  13. The have power at the corners, its just the IF corners, and as of late DH. There is no question (to anyone with eyeballs) that for whatever reason, Berry and Dirks combined in the lineup together is the catalyst for the tigers. Everybody else plays better. I think you need to ride it at this point. Sometimes minor league stats alone don't tell a story.
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