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  1. Well, Holmes is supposed to be able to find the diamonds, so... at least for now I'll wait and see and it's not a huge reach. My only WTF right now is taking a second DT in round three. I felt like the DL was the area that perhaps needed the least attention so I don't understand using two high draft picks on it, but at the same time TP felt like the OL needed the least attention and I'm still trusting Holmes on that pick, so I'll wait and see here too.
  2. Yeah, and it's really not a major loss... plus if you argue that guys in the 4th round are projects more than ready-to-go starters, we can start developing Barnes now.
  3. Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR from USC... NFL.com had him predicted to go in 2-3 round. Derrick Barnes, LB from Purdue... no prediction on draft location on NFL.com
  4. Meh... so we moved from 5 to 7 to get next years 4th pick this year. Not a huge loss, but odd when we're in rebuild mode.
  5. Anyone have details on the trade? What did we give up?
  6. That means he has superpowers, right??
  7. Saturday night Holms and Campbell hold a joint press conference announcing their retirement and revealing that they've been following MotownSports.com to try and determine which picks would upset TP the most. "It was all just a bit long joke for us... we never intended to try to do anything in Detroit. It's the Lions for goodness sakes... they're never going to win anything. We're out of here suckers!"
  8. Because we're grading the draft I think it very fair to include the round in which a player was picked. Generally I agree with you MCS on most things, but I'd make a couple of minor modifications: Johnson is a D+ because I expect more out of a second round. Crosby I'm going to agree with Buddha: A-... a 5th rounder who can start if necessary? Yes please. On Hand I'm going to give an Incomplete. I'd like to see what he does this year before giving a final grade.
  9. I both agree and disagree with this argument. I think it's definitely worth noting that Field did fall quite a bit, and these are professional evaluators who are looking at hours of tape, conducting interviews, balancing teams needs, etc. etc. etc. These aren't fans reading media reports. I generally trust them to be informed. On the other hand, mistakes do happen all the time. If it was a perfect science, barring injuries, the first 5-10 picks would always be HOFers... there would never been surprise picks like Kenny Golliday, for example. There would never be UDFA who ended up stars. Obviously Brady is the poster child of "mistakes" in draft evaluations, but we don't even have to go outside of our division (right now) to see another great example. Rodgers went what, 23? That's about 2/3rds of the league that got it wrong on him. So, in summation: I think it's fair to look at how the league over all viewed a player, but at the same time I think it's fair to want a front office to be able to find those diamonds that other teams view as coal. If Fields becomes the next Rodgers in the North, I'm not going to take much comfort in saying: "Yeah but, a bunch of other teams passed on him too."
  10. As much as I disagree with you on this pick, I'll applaud you on this statement. I think we all understand how you feel on tis pick but I don't think for a second that you wouldn't love to be completely wrong.
  11. Atlanta is the only team to take a TE now 13 picks in. Does that make it a bad pick?
  12. TP is the only one who seems to think this wasn't at least a good pick. He's either going to be very wrong or he's gonna have bragging rights for the next 5-10 years.
  13. How many playoffs did HOF Calvin Johnson play in? This is a dumb argument. This doesn't mean it was a good pick of course, I'm just saying this isn't a good argument against taking an OL.
  14. How does getting a top notch tackle who can anchor the OL for a long time not be getting better?
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