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  1. Last pick in the 6th Pasquale Zito (Unless Yzerman pulls some other late round surprise...)
  2. Late 5th, 155 = Oscar Platkowski, 6' 0" 190# right-shot D.
  3. Another two-way Center, with a temper... Liam Dower-Nilsson, Sweden. Projected in the 2nd/3rd round area... lasted until #134 in the 5th.
  4. Sounds like a 4th line Center who also has a lot of offensive abilities/ upside. "Red Savage is a ferocious penalty killer and defensive Centerman, excellent in the face-off"... We could work with that.
  5. 4th round - Centerman Redmond Savage, son of Brian Savage....
  6. Carter Mazur, 3rd round right-shot LW... Michigan boy...
  7. Oh wait... not Israeli... I misheard what they said... has visited Israel a few times, but San Diego boy like Drown just said...
  8. That would be a positive G2... He's Israeli so... he understands the desert/ surviving the desert (I'm spit-balling here...) He also is heavily mistake prone but has skillsets/ tools of a top 10 type defenseman (per scouting reports) so... I'm guessing the Red Wings believe they can clean up all or most of his mistakes and let the skills rise up to the top (like cream in milk... wait, that ain't Dune-like... hmmm. gotta think that one...). If he makes it to the NHL it will be like manna in the desert?
  9. Shai Buium... Another big D-Man...
  10. Motor City Restoration? It has a ring to it...
  11. Actually... if Raty is gone the next guy on my list is Pinelli...
  12. 6 picks to see if Chayka or Raty fall to us...
  13. And I know you hate the sound of this... But I think his high spin rates on his off-speed pitches and his FB... and his excellent control... put him on a fast train to development. I don't know what his command is like.... that may take some development time... But I believe the biggest issue with Jobe will be simply building up his stamina to take on full season professional pitching. That may take at least a couple years. But aside from that... I don't think he's Manning... who was extremely raw out of HS and needed a lot of development time. I think by the time Jobe is 21... he's going to be pushing for a spot in the Tigers rotation. He might not get it yet... needing another year or two... but this is where I'm coming from. And since I'm guessing, I certainly could be a lot off base here... but based on what I'm seeing and reading... I think I'm on target. Whilst not being a scout and having absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. But I think I'm good with him at #3, although I'd be comfortable with an argument for him to be at #4 and Dingler to be at #3... We'll see in the next couple of years how quickly he moves... or doesn't.
  14. Gage Workman, Danny Cabrera, Campos, Santana, Keith, Cruz and Wenceel Perez... I think are going to take the slow train to develop... Manning too has taken a long time to develop... I think Tork, Dingler, Jobe and Madden are going to be fast movers... Actually, I though Cabrera would move fast too because he was supposed to have such an advanced hit tool... but it looks like that hasn't shown itself yet... either that or professional pitchers, even in the lower minors, is a hard nut to crack... But yeah, I get it... I'm a bit of an optimist... 😁
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