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  1. He wants to "move on" by completely and totally "buying in".
  2. I'm perfectly fine with Fulmer as closer. He seems to have the mental fortitude for that while everyone else just falls apart... To your point though, he doesn't need to be a 1-inning closer either. If there's a fire in the 8th, let him put out the fire and handle the 9th. That seems high enough leverage to me...
  3. I'm still on the draft "Position Player 1st round plan", and fill in with some high-end pitching in rounds 2-5... I like the way the draft board is falling right at the moment...
  4. Is Wentz ready to pitch? I'd like to see him getting some starts!!! Toledo today... Detroit (figuratively) tomorrow...
  5. 100 Republicans ready to start a new breakaway party... but need some bigger names: https://www.yahoo.com/news/rationals-vs-radicals-anti-trump-204312106.html
  6. The only problem with that is that the Wings are going to start getting quite a bit better starting next year...
  7. From my perspective... the answer is delayed at least until this offseason... or, I don't know. I'm uncertain if Chris is already providing the answer to your question as evidenced by the past few years... or if that changes as I believe it will... this coming offseason. And whether it's Al or someone else... they'll need to do better than Zimm & Pelfrey...
  8. That would entail finding actual good quality MLB players to sign as FA's... Not the Zimmerman, Pelfrey, and end-of-career-Cabrera's of the world...
  9. I see the Royals had a 9-year run of total crap... And then a nice 3-year run leading to 1 W.S. win. And then back to two years of .500 right after and then another run of crap... White Sox? 6 years of crap and now they're good again.
  10. Does Killian turn into a triple-double machine...? Eventually? (And hopefully NOT counting TO's...)
  11. This isn't about what year I am proclaiming the Tigers will be back in competition. It's about fan proclivities. When the Tigers are winning, they'll pack it into the stadium again. Despite prior ineptitude. Lee's comment on losing all the fans is just temporary. That's my point. Hopefully it's not St. Louis Browns temporary.
  12. It doesn't have to be anything. I didn't quote a specific plan of action to get fans lining up again. And they don't have to buy anything into any big lie. When this team sucks, as it has for the past 5 years, fans stay away. When the Tigers are big winners again (notice I didn't put a timeline on that... it could be 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, never (like the Cubs from 1909 to 2014)... The fans will flock again. It's a simple statement. And everyone knows it's true. When the Tigers are winners (and no pandemic), the turnstiles will be swinging again. No matter the prior history of ineptitude. It's just the way a majority of fans are.
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