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  1. Thanks, I'll take a shot!

  2. Admin.. do you know how we fix this?

  3. MWG, do you know how w fix this? Or do we ask the Administrator?

    1. MotownWebGuy


      I do not know how to fix this issue. I would contact the owner/admin through the Contact Us links on the MB or website. 


    2. 84 Lives!!!

      84 Lives!!!

      Thanks, I'll take a shot...!

  4. I was thinking more along the lines of White Trash Brainless MF'ing Moron generation. Although that may cross more generational lines than I care to think about...
  5. 80 wins would be a Monstrous year, for the 2021 Tigers.
  6. Paredes too, double and a HR and 2 BB's... It's 18-2 in the 6th...
  7. Anyone know why Tork got pulled after 3 PA's? Same with Kriedler? I mean, Tork had a HBP, but I thought that was his 1st PA and he had two more after that so I think that's a non-factor...
  8. Because there are no pass rushers in the NFL, so who needs OT's anyways?
  9. No, no... Let's totally hyperventilate...
  10. Okafor is a big... it doesn't matter if he sucks. He'll play another 5-10 years simply because he's big and will get 10 chances... and you know that's true. Even if he's the 15th guy all 5-10 of those years. "out of the league soon" is still absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Still a believer in Eric De La Rosa (although Micro said no...). DLR had a double, triple, HR today at Erie. So far this year, at Erie: .265 BA, .905 OPS. Full year (A, A+ and AA): .284, .844 OPS, 34 SB's and 8 CS's, 6' 3" 190# 7th round (2018) CF'er (been playing all 3 OF spots), 24 and in AA. I like the numbers...
  12. Hmmm... The interest in Verlander for a year just jumped up quite a bit methinks...
  13. We can get him back? Deal!!!
  14. I don't think so... Only in the sense that there are probably a few routes to scrape together a pitching staff... But if you don't have a starting catcher... how are you going to "produce" one? Better find a starting catcher PDQ (trade, FA or otherwise). As for pitching, we already have a staff... it's just improving a lower in-the-pecking-order position, whether that's 5th starter or middle-to-late reliever...
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