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  1. When George Kell and Ernie Harwell (and, before that, Kell and Van Patrick) worked together, they'd switch between radio and TV during each game. This stopped in 1965 as a way to lure Kell (who'd retired from broadcasting a couple years earlier because he disliked being away from home so much) back to the booth. Since there were only 40 or 50 televised games each year back then, George wouldn't have to be on the road all summer like he would doing every game on radio.
  2. As someone who listens to far more games on radio than he watches on TV, and also greatly prefers Dan to Mario, I'm not happy about this. At all. I wonder if a personality clash hasn't developed in one of the booths that they're trying to work around? If so, my guess would be the TV side because Dan and Jim always seem to genuinely enjoy working together.
  3. The phrase "special kind of stupid" comes to mind here. Jenrry Mejia of New York Mets suspended permanently by MLB for third positive PED test
  4. Jim Simpson: Longtime NBC Sports and ESPN broadcaster dies at 88 - College Football - SI.com Coincidentally enough, Simpson did the NBC Radio broadcast of Super Bowl I, which will be featured on the NFL Network re-creation of the game that airs tonight. He was also at the NBC Radio microphone when the Tigers clinched the 1968 WS championship.
  5. The Impending Battle Over the Future of Televised Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball
  6. The Lions need a Christmas miracle if they're going to pull out a loss here.
  7. I was rooting so hard for the FG. Nearly an Instant Lions Classic. Oh, well. Losing isn't everything.
  8. This puts me in mind of the late Paul Harvey's infamous "sugar candy" commentary.
  9. Haven't seen anything confirmed yet. While ISIS or some other Islamist group seems the most likely culprit, it's not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that it might be a Reichstag fire type dealie from homegrown right-wing nationalists. They're bound to benefit from this in any case.
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