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  1. Would never happen but man wouldn't that be sweet. I'd be willing to throw in a prospect or asset that would make a deal that happen but we really don't have it.
  2. It doesn't work that way. Ces is a FA at the end of the year and we will get no comp pick if he walks and does not resign. Vmart is not really a tradable asset. Old, oft-injured and 3 more years left on his contract. Decent shot at getting Cespedes back next year would make trading him now even better.
  3. White Sox and O's seem to be the two teams on Cespedes. Spencer Adams for Cespedes make it happen David. O's would have to trade us someone from MLB club, other than Hunter Harvey and maybe D.J Stewart i'm not really sure they have anything that I would want. I think the ship has sailed on Bundy. White Sox have a few interesting guys like Adams,Montas and Tyler Danish I'd be interested in.
  4. Yeah, I'm not really upset about Funkhouser as I know about the injury concerns. Harris is the one that really bugs me though. Buehler to a degree as well. I understand his durability concerns. I thought McCann,Smyly and Thompson were all solid picks at the time. No complaints here. I guess why I'm sorta baffled is with four picks in the top 99 I expected outside of the first round something similair to at least that. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I don't see that.
  5. Who's hindsight? Yours? Crawford was at the time known to be a two pitcher pitcher who had a good(not great fastball), potential plus slider(with command issues) and average at best overall command. No third pitch really to speak of. When drafting a College pitcher at pick 20 you really should make sure that pithcer has a little less risk to stick as a starter than that. The writing was on the wall that day and they further cemented that with trading him for a #5 starter less than two years after being drafted. Thats pretty pathetic and waste of a first rounder. Most viewed him as a bullpen guy from the start. Sure any pick could be viewed as "hindsight" but that pick was never considered a smart one to begin with. Perry was even worse.
  6. Right. To be fair I did say drafted OR developed. Smyly is one I forgot to mention. I loved the pick at the time. Thats a perfect supp or second round pick to me. Hope the kids shoulder is alright, really liked his game.
  7. Neither of those two were on the level of Funkhouser, Harris, or Buehler. Hell before the velocity decrease with Funkhouser all three were top 15 projected picks. Perry and Crawford were **** picks at the time and we're blasted instantly by most. Burrows is a great talent and I'm glad we have him. All I'm saying you probably could had snagged him at 34. And even if he wasn't there you most likely get Nolan Watson. I would had prefered one of the College arms mentioned paried with either Burrows or Watson...hell even Chris Betts(hitter) than the combo we came up with. We are void of anything close to a great 1-3 type starter in our system. Most likely we lose Price. Verlander is not the Verlander of a top 20 starter in baseball going forward most likely. Hopefully he's a solid #3 going forward. Sanchez if he were pitching good this year would had been my candidate to trade in the offseason or even deadline if the team ship sunk. Greene I like and hope will turn into a great #3 type but he needs to rack up more k's. Simon is most likely a one year stop. I just think a College pitcher with the pedigree of one of those three would had been smart to hedge this rotation a bit. You still could had landed your 3-4 years away high upside prep pitcher 12 picks later. We need impact starters, why not double up? I could be very wrong but I don't trust a Farmer/Verhagen/Ziomek to really hold down our 4 and 5 spots next year if competing is our goal. Maybe if 2012 Sanchez and Verlander were leading the pack, but those days look to be long gone.
  8. If he can strikeout that many batters with that fastball he's def worth a look. He must have some mad deception and movement with below average velocity even from the left side.
  9. Closer to the majors College starting pitchers who were ranked top 25 overall........
  10. I agree, but without strong drafting the trades part of it will go away quickly. We are on that verge now. People sometimes act if other orgs would only be so lucky if we dangled Tyler Collins to get some stud player. We have ziltch for a trade of any real magnitude. FA signings is what we need to graviate away from, and tbh becasue of contracts to Verlander,Cabby,Victor and we keep Price we really can't do much there. International signings......if we could ever land a Soler,Moncada,Tomas,Castillo sure....but we usually just get the Moya's,Wilken Rameriz and Audy Ciriaco's. The two best we have gotten we traded(Adames and Garcia). If we don't have any bullets to truly get plus talent the way this organization has been setup it is in serious jeporday for a period that will resemble pre 06. I don't think this is far fetched or sky is falling talk. It's soon to be reality unless we can start finding some Klubers and more J'd's.
  11. Pretty much how I feel. It's interesting about the change of how the draft works. I think its clear that Detroit had a cetain advantage under the old system and have not adjusted or found another process to adjust. Obviously some time needs to pass to know this for sure but it sure the hell is looking this way. If the Padres take Verlander in 04' we really havn't had a frontline pitching prospect since that we drafted or developed. Porcello is our next best. Before Verlander...Bonderman. Before Bonderman....maybe Weaver when he was good....Thompson before his injury. So like 4 or 5 guys in a 25 year span. Only one was a legit frontline guy(based on career stats). I know its tough to draft frontline guys but geeesh. It's not like we were piling up on all-star hitters to counter. The hitting side of it might be worse. Hopefully Burrows breaks that trend. He has the best fastball prolly since Verlander that we have drafted. At some point it would be nice if we could lucky and fine our own Degrom,Mchugh or Kluber.
  12. Haha. pretty much. Another yawn inspiring draft from the Tigers. Only potential premium talent thorugh 5 rounds is Burrows, and they took him about 12 spots earlier than they should had. The Tigers need an overhaul in thier process and scouting department. Seems like they are more interested in building up organizational fodder/each level rosters. None of these guys have any real impact potential other than Burrows. Stewart might surprise if the power continues and he isn't as bad on D as reported everywhere. Drew Smith could be a good bullpen arm....but you don't take a pitcher who wasn't even the Closer on his college team in the third round to only have a ceiling of a setup guy. A guy like Dakota Chalmers went a few picks earlier. The Tigers have had this dreadful philosophy for longer than I can stand. But everyone else so far....nothing that jumps out. I'm sick of Chadd quite frankly and have no idea how he has a major league job in a front office. And what will happen they will trade what is even left of what we have of system to make some fruitless last run trades that are all shortsighted when any other mindul org would see the writing on the wall and start the process of preventing us from being a doormat for a decade. Won't happen though. They had a list of how many advanced metric guys each orgranization employes and the Tigers were near dead last of all clubs. Go figure. Behind the times and it shows. We needed some creativity with our window pretty much almost down to zip. I really hope Burrows can become a frontline guy, even if he was the next Greg Holland, that would still be disappointing considering who was still on the board.
  13. From Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs; Thoughts on Last Night’s Draft Proceedings | FanGraphs Baseball Only two players went last night who weren’t in my top 202: Tigers second-rounder LHP Tyler Alexander from TCU and Braves comp second-rounder LHP A.J. Minter from Texas A&M. Alexander was in the mix for the list, but has fringy stuff in most outings, although I recently heard his stuff ticked up very late. Of the four teams I asked about the pick to see if I missed something, one liked him as a fifth starter with some feel, for a pick a round or two lower than Detroit took him; another had him on the board for rounds 6-10; a third team was a little lower than that; and a fourth team didn’t turn him in, meaning they weren’t going to draft him.
  14. Stewart and Alexander were the pure defintion of reaches. Chadd needs to go if he was overall very happy with this haul. Stewart over Betts?? Stewart will offer you zero to negative value with his D so to overcome this he would have to be a 350 OBP guy with an ISO near .200. From what I've gathered this would be a best case scenario with Stewart. So realistically your getting a guy with a slash line of 260/330/450. Very underwhelming pick for our Comp pick at 34. Stewart offers zero speed on the basepaths to boot. So much for the strong D/Speed thing. At least Hill if he doesn't develop with the bat has that and would prolly make it as a great Platoon guy. If this guy doesn't develop 25+ plus homer power he's essentially useless at the MLB level. AAA player at most then. Let's hope he does for Chadd's sake. Boneheaded pick. Then Alexander.....you could had had this guy 2-4 rounds later tbh. 88-90 Lefty with fringe change and average breaking pitch....really? When you had players like Nix,Everett,Day,Hillman and a host of others still there? A pitch to contact guy who strikeouts no one. You couldnt had loaded up on guys like this after the first 5 rounds?? I just don't get this organization and how they draft. Cards,Dodgers,Rays,Royals,Rockies seem to get it. We just don't have that type of scouting and development system within this organization and it sucks. In fact it pains me to be a fan of of a front office that still scouts behind the curve with seemingly no real plan in sight. We have **** impact anything, wouldn't had drafting one fast rising College pithcer like Harris or Buehler been a much smarter route then going Burrows or Watson at 34??? I mean I just don't get it. No real vision. I'm just sick of how we do things. I see another 95-05 coming and this would had been a good time to hedge that a bit with 3 great picks in the first 65 and we go limp once again. I don't see how we can avoid being **** for quite awhile, I really don't. Dombrowski would have to fleece someone in a trade or two. We have no impact talent in the minors other than an so far underwhelming Hill. Alexander adds to another on the pile of #4 starter types.....are u kidding me. There are no guys to really dream on. Spier maybe? When an organization trades a first round pick less than two years after drafting said player for a #4-#5 starter type it's a huge sign they don't know wtf they are doing. Sorry guys I'm just ranting a bit and I know it but as a guy who follows advanced metrics closely and baseball in general I'm not impresssed at all so far. Chadd should be on the hotseat or gone period if this class doesn't produce any impact talent. You had your best shot at it in along time with these three picks. I honestly hope we trade Price(If in fact there is chance if signing/honestly I'd let him go regardless) and Cespedes( he has no comp pick anyway) if all we are going to do is draft a Stewart type with that pick. Might as well see if a team will give us a prospect that they developed and is close.
  15. What do a walrus and Tupperware have in common? They both like a tight seal.
  16. Why doesn't Justin Beiber like Sports Authority? Because he likes Dicks. What?
  17. Yeahhhh.....your missing the point completely. I see what you did there, and its not even clever. You can swap out first round pick with any other round and International FA signing if you like if thats the hangup for you.
  18. True, but don't you walk away with the feeling that we all felt in 06" has been mostly squandered? I do. Now with the recent injuries to Miggy and Verlander, i's hard to know for sure what the future holds. I just feel we wasted some great opportunties with some premium talent. I can't shake that feeling. Honestly makes me sick to think about.
  19. Scherzer,Porcello,Smyly,Fister. Can't believe all are gone just like that. Now we have Price,Verlander,Sanchez,Greene,Simon.....with Ziomek a little away. If Verlander and Sanchez have any setbacks this year we do not make the playoffs, will be a battle for .500. Unless of course Greene really is a Kluber waitin to happen, I see nothign to get excited about in our rotation. it's got to be a for gone conclusion that Anibals shoulder gives out sooner than later. Verlander is 07 Verlander at best going forward is closer to reality than not. I thought the only way we could compete was to have a dominant rotation? We did absolutely nothign with the bullpen and have(unless Scherzer resigns) decimated a once great rotation. Cespesdes is a touch above average on D. I thought we were moving away from the .300 OBP types, it's no tlike he as SLG north of .500 to make that even inticing. I'm honestly not even excited anymore for this franchise. I'm really not. it's not just today but most moves since the Fister trade. Hate what direction we are headed. It's like we don't have a clue to balance the present with the future, to me thats pathetic when you got org's like the Cards going on almost 15 years doing this. With a few titles to show for and succeding post a superstar in their lineup.
  20. To be fair he has done all his work up till 25. And has improved in virtually every stat in that timeframe. do I ever hink he will be a shutdown ace or even #2, no. But I think he can become a solid #3 barring any type of injury going forward. if he ever leanrs how to keep that k-rate hovering around 7 and above....watch out. I would had liked to see one more year out of Porcello, to see if he could had combined 2013's k-rate with last years other numbers. Then again if he does that next year, he realistically drives his price beyond what would make him a good deal. So there's that. Fister,Porcello,Smyly all gone. Injury prone Sanchez on a gimpy shoulder, Declining Verlander and his 93-94 mph fastball, and Price who probably will not want to be here after next season(he will see the writing on the wall). Better hope the hell that Greene becomes the next Kluber...add no help at all coming from the system. maybe, maybe Ziomek can become Smyly-esque....other than that.....nada. I would have been even thrilled with even leake over Simon.....ugh.
  21. I'm starting to think he made a pass at your lady or something of that nature....
  22. So a 34 year old with a 5.5 strikeout rate in the NL trumps what Porcello was doing last year? Okay. Man have you seen a shrink about this Porcello thing?
  23. Says the unabashed Porcello hater......yeah I'll be taking that as gospel anytime soon. I know your irrational hatred of Porcello gets in the way of your senses sometimes, but in no way,shape or form was this a "good" day for this org. At best it was a wash, which blah as all frick. Pretty much every article from anybody who is anybody in baseball will be putting articles over the next 48 hours supporting that claim.
  24. Right lol. Derek Hill, you reading this? Spencer Turnbull your next buddy. M y lord, would it kill this org to stick with what they drafted and develop it for once? lol. I mean seriously
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