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  1. If you watch the play the base runner clearly turned his body inward towards second base after passing first. You then see Miggy tag him when he gets back to first. That runner should have been ruled out.
  2. Unfortunately, John McCain thinks you are a coward for thinking that...
  3. White House was just evacuated...security concern. This does happen from time to time though.
  4. They just said on ABC News that planes were authorized to fly above 32,000 feet over Ukraine today and they believe this plane was at 33,000 feet. While the air space was open...still seems highly irresponsible.
  5. Doesn't it seem like a responsible airlines would avoid air space that just had a plane shot down the day before? I'd be curious to see what other - if any - commercial airlines were flying over Ukraine today.
  6. Posts like this remind me of why I basically ignored this place for a year. Disappointing.
  7. Reuters reporting 23 Americans on board. This is horrible. Reuters Top News @Reuters · 5m #BREAKING: Number of dead from crash of #MH17 more than 300, includes 23 U.S. citizen: Interior Ministry adviser, quoted by Interfax
  8. I've never hated them, but never been a fan. They are a little smug in my mind, but that wouldn't impact my desire to watch the game on TV. Josh and Gibby were excellent in my mind. I still remember Gibby going off on Randall Simon for lolly gagging...gained much respect for a home announcer actually being critical of a player.
  9. http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20140703/NEWS/140709931/midseason-report-tigers-attendance-tv-ratings-down-from-2013 This is a couple days old, but didn't see it posted and find it fairly interesting. Attendance is down about 2,200 a game - but I think things like poor weather in April may have hurt it. Additionally, that average will creep up in July and August with those being high attendance months with kids on summer break and such. Games are also quite expensive and if I go I typically purchase on StubHub (cheaper & not fan of ownership). You'd think that with how expensive they are more people would be watching on TV, but... ...there has been a nearly 17% reduction in TV viewership. Any thoughts on that? As much as the late first half swoon hurt the team, the first month and a half they were fantastic and you'd think ratings would be high.
  10. Would you be ok with a team named the "Brooklyn Kikes" using not just that name, but the logo below?
  11. Don't know if this The Onion article was posted, but it made me chuckle. Redskins
  12. Hey, guys...stumbled upon this thread and figured I'd add some input. I posted a lot between 2005 and a couple years ago then starting slowing withdrawing. This is actually the first time I've logged in in about a year. Can't say I deliberately said "I don't want to bother anymore"…but just some thoughts about why I possibly post less (not that any of you care)... a) I used to post in the MSU/UM forum. When they got separated (for admittedly good reason...too much bickering) that forum kind of died. It was exciting (and stupid) to go at one another. b) I posted in the political forum, but that can drive a person mad. Way too much bickering. I may try to dive back in. c) As one mentioned before, the success of the team almost is boring (I know that is terrible to say for us long-time Tigers fans). There was something really fun about watching this team get built up, but when we started becoming the Yankees by outspending everyone in our division it irked me. Comerica is still fun to watch a game, but there are a lot of people there that bug me now and the games last too long (am I getting old?!?!). Part of me misses back in '03 and '04 when 10,000 people showed up...but those people all just loved the Tigers and were hardcore fans. d) I have grown to strongly dislike Tigers' ownership. This is more political, but irks me the way they get credit for redeveloping downtown when I think they have done a ton of harm as well (I also oppose arena deal). Additionally, I am 27 - my whole frickin' childhood they didn't give a crap about the Tigers - now I hear they are the best baseball owners in the country. Are they good baseball owners now? Sure...but I will be bitter 'til death about how my Tigers' fandom growing up was diminished based on ownership. I know it won't happen, but a new owner I like would spike my interest again. e) I don't Twitter or anything, but for no apparent reason lost interest in posting in a game thread. I don't watch every game like I used to which probably is relevant to that. Probably part of being so successful and not paying as much attention to the regular season. Nonetheless, this has nudged me to get more involved. Hopefully I'll be posting more.
  13. I'm intrigued by this project...but definitely taking a wait and see approach. Don't trust Ilitch to do what he says he'll do.
  14. I was actually thinking about this the other day. As much as I support the President's push for gun control legislation, I wonder if it would have been wiser for him to use up that much political capital on climate change instead (like how he used so much capital on health care during his first term). Climate change will in all likelihood kill many, many more humans than assault weapons will.
  15. She only won by a point or two last time - it was razor thin. I think any prospects of her getting a more prominent elected position are dubious at best. Her constituents are finally realizing how stupid she is.
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