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  1. yeah, was announced as price jv sanchez simon greene price for the first 6 games
  2. well, do you have a highway at home?
  3. if seattle only got Jackson and gave up Walker and franklin they really got screwed, but thanks for your help mariners.
  4. LH batters are hitting .350/.436/.550 against Cahill is the logic. Now whether or not you consider some of those lefties to be batters is a whole other story.
  5. disagree, not to mention robben should have been awarded a pk in the first half that the 'cheating ref' let go
  6. L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole I've Got Dreams to Remember - Otis Redding Kick, PUsh II - Lupe Fiasco Heard Em Say - Kanye West Saving Grace - Tom Petty Catch Me - Lupe Fiasco & Evidence of Dilated Peoples Us(Live) - Regina Spektor Don't Say Nothin' - The Roots Your Song - Elton John Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band
  7. if someone has a link where i can watch this game that would be great
  8. It's just a matter of the system printing out the same receipt whether pickup or delivery. Obviously nice if people do tip in that situation, but not expected.
  9. If anyone happens to have a link I can watch tonight's match on shoot me a pm please.
  10. my issue with riding on the sidewalks is cars pulling up past them off of side streets or business exits. people pay absolutely no attention that someone may be coming across. i have had to literally jump off my bike (including at lights where the car was trying to turn right on red) causing damage to myself and my bicycle because of situations like that while the car just drives off. I've decided its really just safer for the cyclist to ride in the road, at least that way the cars see you.
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