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  1. Figures, that’s pretty much the opposite of drawing blood.
  2. You know how they have the new intentional walk rule where you just signal from the dugout? Why can’t we just skip to the end of the season, surrender our few good players for some middle infield prospects that can’t hit, and collect our draft picks without having to endure this shame?
  3. I just can't watch anymore. Mud Hens on Tuesday, thank God.
  4. Fulmer has options left. He cannot refuse assignment until May. Dude seriously needs to get some innings in without stinking up COPA.
  5. This is hard to watch... Brutal pitching. Brutal catching. If it wasn’t for the potential of some young guys coming in, I’d be long gone. 🤢
  6. This is the way. Unless there is a trade.
  7. At first, I was upset that the game wasn’t on MLB TV. Now, I’m kind of thankful. Saved me from having to throw stuff at the television.
  8. Farmer did not have it today. His fastball did not seem to have any snap whatsoever.
  9. If you’re an optimist, you are often disappointed by this team. If you are a pessimist, you are always pleasantly surprised. As I have said, I want to believe. As long as Chris can make bucks with revenue sharing and keeping a low payroll...
  10. I would like to think that the time for tanking is over. Realistically, I think as long as AA and Chris are running the show, we’re tanking.
  11. Are they in a rain delay, or did they call the game?
  12. Listening to The Ticket off Amazon Alexa. Good sound.
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