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  1. This is a great and overlooked point. FA Acquisitions were only part of the success story......and they only went "big" on VMart and Fielder, and both of these acquisitions worked out well, especially when you factor in Kinsler.
  2. Yeah, I would never criticize the Fielder signing (we later wound up with Kinsler which was a good move), but it was really different than every previous acquisition, which were about shrewd trades, and in the case of Pudge and Maggs, FA signings that were as much about faith as they were about money.
  3. That friggin' David Ortiz slam was the low point in my Tiger fandom. Kicked the guts right out of me. Hunter overrunning the catch and flipping into the bullpen at Fenway and the fat ******* cop cheering behind him...it was the end of an era, though it lurched on for a couple more seasons.
  4. 1979 - 1988 was amazing....best Tiger run in history as it was basically "organic". 2006 - 2014 was incredible. 2006, 1984, and 1987 are all amazing seasons that will live in my memory. Hard to pick a favorite. The 2004 and 2005 Tigers were pretty interesting, too....I didn't see 2006 coming but I really enjoyed 2004 and 2005 because there were marquee players and young guns and some real hope. The Tiger teams of the early 90's could hit the crap out of the ball and were also a ton of fun IMHO.
  5. There are 32 relievers with salaries between $5M - $10M, and another 37 with salaries >>$10M. Out of these roughly 70 guys, only about a dozen have an ERA below 3.5 and/or a WAR above 1.0 at this point. There's another half-dozen between $2 - 5M who are above average this year. That's only 20 or so relievers with salaries over $2M that are clearly above average, out of about 100 guys with salaries over $2M. Pretty dismal success rate. Resultantly, the overwhelming majority of pitchers paid more than $2M are ineffective/injured, and the overwhelming majority of effective relievers are paid below $2M. The problem with relievers is that it's a crapshoot with any given reliever in any given year as to whether they are (a) healthy and (b) effective. Relievers overwhelmingly lean on the slider, and can count on a couple of effective seasons with 70+ IP per year until they blow their arm out. There are freak exceptions, but you basically have to build bullpens from your minor league ranks and from the veteran slag pile. I am all for spending $$ to get performance, but you aren't likely to get that from reliever FAs. Spend $$ elsewhere.
  6. Wow! That is quite a comeback. Credit to Goff for keeping it together. But gads that D really really really sucks. Put some jam on Odukah and serve him with Tea.
  7. $43.5M for Hosmer (GB machine) and Myers (below average BA and power) - both with below average career SLG. $14.7M for injured pitchers (Clevinger, Pomeranz, etc)...always a risk. The other above average contracts (Darvish $19m, Snell $11M, Machado $30M) are doing well enough. Their problem isnt really spending. Their problem is that they went big on two guys who werent proficient power hitters, and in Myers case, isnt proficient at all....and they dont have the depth to withstand a couple of pitching injuries.
  8. I agree 100% with your sentiments, I just want to see it happen
  9. Chris Ilitch needs to prove that he has a reasonable level of spending and a winning record on his mind before I put any stock in him as such.
  10. I think they are going to get at least an average SS and probably an above-replacement C, but I can't imagine why anybody would be soooooooooooo uber-confident that the Tigers are definitely going to spend $$ on an above-average SS and above-average C in 2022.
  11. I thought he sucked until I saw him play. I also didn't give him enough credit for pretty good minor-league hitting numbers, that seem to be translating to the MLB pretty well now. I also don't think it's a pure coincidence that the pitching staff seemed to turn when he got into the "full-time" catcher slot this year.
  12. Man, I am super-bummed about Jake Rogers.....he seems like a **** of a good player at a really key position. Maybe he can come back like Salvy and hit 40 bombs
  13. No, you were not. You, G2 and Lee leaned towards the "Managers dont matter" side, IIRC, but saw both sides and were respectful of differing views as always. I believe this as well. The Tigers seem to have come a long way in this regard based on what I see from people I trust. Glad to hear that 👍
  14. I felt that this was a major contribution that Jim Leyland made as well, and he discussed his collaborative relationship with DD regarding roster management openly. Their relationship worked, and that was the basis for my evaluating Managers and General Managers in tandem as collaborators. The idea that Managers and General Managers can collaborate on decisions was roundly rejected by several prolific/respected posters, who said that Managers manage who plays on a given day, and that's all they can really be evaluated on. They rejected criticism of Ausmus since, according to them, Managers don't matter, beyond maybe a couple of games, and that you could only find 5 wins of difference between the best and worst Managers. That was and remains BS in my opinion. I don't think AA will ever have the success that DD did, but it's clear that AJ knows how to make him a better GM, certainly far far better than Gardy ever could/would.
  15. 2012, I was there with my sons for the great JV game; Grandy hit a HR too...we Tigers fans drowned out the Cubs fans when they sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"...and the celebrity singer was pissed (he was the attorney friend from Curb Your Enthusiasm)....he ended by saying "YOU TIGERS FANS SUCK!!!"....and we absolutely loved it.
  16. There are some great minds on this board who I am sure function very well without being managed by anybody....and I recognize that baseball is overwhelmingly about skills that function (or don't) to a large extent beyond the scope of management. However, being a good MLB manager means having a good relationship with upper management, and wielding positive influence roster selections and moves; and the Manager's utilization of the roster (especially the bullpen) is a key marginal element of success.
  17. "For a minute"? No, for a long time. When the team was underachieving with Ausmus, several major opinion-makers on this board flatly refuted the idea that a manager can have more than a marginal influence on a team's performance. Despite the general low regard for Gardy, that opinion has remained in force since this year with AJ; I heartily welcome this development, because the idea that a manager can't have more than marginal influence over results is silly IMHO. True, but I don't think anybody disagrees.
  18. It's good to see good management get it's due. I realize that baseball is a game that revolves primarily around a never-ending series of 1:1 matchups at the extreme end of individual skills (pitching and hitting), and that these are extremely elite athletes. I do think that the strategic/tactical/relationship/motivation aspects are still significant elements for a team's success.
  19. I can easily infer that Littlefield is considered to have done a poor job at PD, and his departure is a good thing for that reason.....can someone expand on this a little? I realize the Tigers have sucked at player development for a long time, is Littlefield emblematic of that failure? How so? Asking for a friend....
  20. I also want to lay down a "marker" before the pro-tank nuts steal the lede (which isn't a phrase, I know, but it could be). We did NOT improve this year because of tanking or firesaling! Kudos to tank-pick Casey Mize! As nice as he has been for most of the past 20 starts or so, he has garnered only 1 WAR out of our 60+ wins. I really like fire-sale acquisition Jake Rogers! I think he's worth at least a few wins thanks to his handling of staff and his hitting (which I think is sustainable based on his overall minor-league numbers and trending), but again, he's only garnered 1 WAR so far. The fire-saling and tanking only explains a fraction of the great turnaround from bottom-dweller to near-winning-record this year. The vast majority of this season's turnaround is a credit to (a) good FA acquisitions by AA (esp. Schoop + Grossman); and I think it all "hangs" together thanks to what appears to be an outstanding relationship between AJ and upper management, and AJ/Fetters' player management strategies and in-game tactics. Bottom line: tanking and firesaling did not turn this team around, good old fashioned player acquisition and performance, and sound management strategies (and yes, luck) did.
  21. Man I love AJ's attitude. He's focused without being a *****. He's enthusiastic without the pom poms. He's not interested in moral victories. What he and his staff have done this year is nothing short of miraculous.
  22. I have always believed that a very good manager vs a very bad manager could mean a 10 game swing...somewhat due to influence on roster decisions, somewhat due to player management strategies, and somewhat due to in-game decisions.
  23. Absolutely unbelievable to think that Detroit could match Toronto in wins within a few days. The gulf in talent between these two teams should make this impossible.
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