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  1. I agree with this, and FWIW they should be trying for the division, every day, every way. I love that attitude and want that attitude among the players, coaches, FO, ownership, and fans, all of the time. But I'm not personally going to hold it against the players and coaches at all if they fail this year, they were simply not given anything CLOSE to the horses by management to be a winning club or to make the playoffs this year.
  2. I didn't post on this thread for whatever reason, but I would have said 70 to 72 wins, which was pretty much the consensus. They were at a 71 game clip at the ASB just a minute ago. If they have a bit of a cold snap, say 5-15, they will be back at a 71 game clip; 19-25 after that, and they finish with 71 wins. That's not good but that's still not bad for a team that's missing most of its starting rotation. If they finish with 71 wins, that would mean that they would have had a .48% winning percentage (equivalent to 77 games for a season) from May 8th, when they were 9-24. My point is that they are a 70-75 win team right now, which isn't good, but isn't bad....it's just right for a team that is trying to turn things around. And they have an outside chance to finish closer to 80 wins than 75, and a slim chance to have a winning record. That's all gravy for right now.
  3. Those were two epic rivalries back in the day.
  4. It goes without saying that every winning/profitable team in 2023 - 20XX not named the Tigers will figure out a way to do it without Mize/Tork or even Greene or JJ. And most will do it without having the LAD or NYY revenue base or a slew of top 5 1st round picks. The Tigers, in order to be a consistent/sustainable winner, will need to make this work as well at some point.
  5. Hinching my wagon to the nearest star 😃
  6. Says the director of F.E.A.R.
  7. It would be awesome to see that kind of trajectory, I really think managers should be capable of succeeding in the FO in substantial and defined leadership roles, not just the advisory/PR stuff.
  8. I still will never endorse fire sales and tanking though, and I will always maintain that this can and should have been done without inflicting 4 years of torture-ball on the fans.
  9. If this season is where they actually turn it around, and they move towards normal spending (assuming there is a build up of spending starting in 2022, that takes a couple of years to flesh out), and it leads to winning in 2022, and the playoffs by 2023, and reasonable success with no more tanking, ever, I will consider this a successful rebuild, and I will wonder who donated their brain to AA and a heart to Chris I to make it all work out 😀
  10. Yeah, its been a really nice run, punctuated by good news about guys who are important to future success, and a new positive attitude by AA. I hope that their willingness to try Haase at various positions means that he has some long term prospect with the team. I really like him a lot. Turnbull's TJ is a real dick-punch, especially since his no-hitter helped to define the team's turnaround.
  11. I have liked this hire from the beginning, and I like it better every day. He and Fetters have done wonders for this team, and for individual pitchers, including Fulmer, Funk, JJ, and others. I think his utilization of Rogers and Haase has been a master-stroke, and contributed very significantly to the team's turnaround. Kudos of course to AA for acquiring Haase, and to the development staff for whatever they did to assist Rogers in fixing his swing/approach to make him a serviceable hitter. Even when they were losing in April, I could not bring myself to criticize him much, given what he had to work with, and he seemed very self-possessed throughout. Hinch has a very professional and engaging style, and it seems to me that he wields effective influence with AA and with ownership. I have heard his interviews on the radio and elsewhere, and he speaks very comfortably about his relationship with AA and with Chris, and specifically what he is expecting from himself and his staff, and from their collaboration. This really reminds me of how Leyland would talk about his relationship with management, it seemed confident and bi-lateral, the way an effective manager should talk and act. Leyland had more swagger and "color", if you will, whereas Hinch just seems like a no-drama guy. A great hire by AA, big-time kudos to him for this decision. I have always felt that you cannot evaluate a GM or Manager in isolation of each other. They have to work as a unit, and these two so far seem to be doing so, and effectively. To quote Mr. Neutron: as Napoleon had his Josephine, as Tarzan had his Jane, as Frankie Laine had whoever he had...
  12. Ancient history = earlier this season....and last season....and the season before that....and the season before that....and the season before that....alrighty. Except for your many posts, including ones in recent days, where you extolled the virtues of rebuilds of the past (including the Tigers) and the ills of payroll (including the Tigers). I think they have as good a shot as anybody to turn things around, if Chris is ready to spend and hold his FO accountable for achieving/sustaining a reasonable level of success; but they could have reached this point without all of the losses. Well, technically, my posts are in the past, so there's no use in your crying over them either.
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