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  1. I am not sure but I saw some rumors before the draft that the pistons were less worried about Rip's contract (and therefore wouldn't be doing the Rip plus 8th pick to Cleveland) because a possible lockout would make it a one year deal.
  2. Isnt it likely no one will claim him and the lions put him on their IR. Or am I underestimating the chances a team spends a roster spot for a year on a injured Dizon
  3. Greear threadzilla is gonna be sad you found a new forum to troll when you're banned there.
  4. I'd just like to add a plus one to lordstanley's post. It was the page I used 95% of the time and has been the first page I click on everyday for over four years so its hard to adjust to not having it.
  5. Kenpom > RPI in predicting outcomes of games.
  6. Yeah and neither team forces a lot of turnovers which might help although MSU seems like they make a lot of unforced ones unfortunately. BC is especially bad at it
  7. MSU should root for BC. USC is a better team. MSU got the easiest 7 by far, although its doesnt really matter since USC is like a 7 and BC is really like a 10.
  8. This will likely not be true after Sunday (Mississippi State).
  9. Johnny, I think you just missed Illinois. Johnny's 27 plus Illinois are my locks. Then out of the rest I like Wisconsin, Maryland, Minnesota, and San Diego State as the safest bubble teams. Then Creighton, then Penn State. But I think a couple of USC/Baylor/SEC team will win bids and knock out Penn State and Creighton.
  10. I can't stand cutters. The people who stare are just clueless. Cutters know what they are doing and don't care. I've seen people on another forum argue that the people who get over and block are the terrible drivers and the cutters are doing nothing wrong.
  11. mgoblog says Mcguffie will be transferring. http://mgoblog.com/content/sam-mcguffie-others-leaving-team
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