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  1. Winger, great stuff, their band was very good technically. Now he's out winning Grammy's for his classical stuff. One of the big 80's bands, I had one of their CD's I played through the high school parking lot for sure.
  2. Well, wouldn't be my top 10. Where's BucketHead, Slash, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Roy Clark, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, at least one of those guys has to be in the top 10 of any list.
  3. Nice, I think KCP was my favorite player on the team, he at least showed effort all the time, but this trade and losing him really helps out. Locking him in to such a large contract would have been really tough, Bradley is a better player at this time and with Morris gone this leaves minutes for Johnson/Ellenson, the Pistons should be able to see what they have at least with those guys getting minutes. Cap situation is cleaned up for at least another year. I was beginning to think SVG was losing it, he's redeemed himself with this trade. Now if they can get rid of Leuer for something.
  4. Great to pick up a win on the road no matter who they are playing. VanGundy the GM is a master, Ish Smith is the perfect backup PG, brings energy and knows he's the backup. Andre Drummond has perked up since Jackson has came back, they just need to keep building and hold up for the next set of games while they adjust to RJ being back and Smith settles in with the second unit. If Baynes could get going they would have a good second unit, right now he is really struggling. Oh John Leuer is great too, he can do it all, shoots it from distance, can take it to the hoop, pesky defender, strong rebounder and athletic finisher.
  5. Derrick Rose isn't the only one, some of the Knicks fans are on the hype train big time. Seems to me they added two players from the Bulls who are injury prone and net negatives, they lost Robin Lopez who's better then Noah, and Rose isn't a good 3-point shooter and is ball dominant. I think Rose should otherwise be an upgrade over Calderon if he's healthy, but NY doesn't have much depth either, I'd expect them to be around a 35 win team, especially with the East improving.
  6. Well, the way the EAST is going, the Pistons could improve and still not win any more games. Orlando/NY/Philadelphia won't be doormats next year for example.
  7. Well, the bit I saw about KCP was that he wanted 20 million, but SVG was offering 15 million, they said they want to extend KCP before the deadline this year (Oct 31). Like I said earlier lock him up at 80/4 if that's all it takes, cause in a world where Evan Turner who can't shoot or play defense gets 76/4 and Allen Crabbe who is a 20 min/gm SG, who's defense is comparable to a Pylon gets 75/4, KCP at 80/4 is a bargain basement price.
  8. Allen Crabbe got matched 4/75, dang I wanted NJ to get better too, so Danny Ainge can totally blow their gifts, he's blown 2 years of picks only 2 more to go.
  9. RIght, I don't think people are too negative about KCP on this board, honestly I think he is the heart of the team, he's the guy who makes the big hustle plays at the end of games, he's the energy guy and the iron man, guy plays top ten in minutes and guards PG's much of the time, ok so he's dog tired and it hurts his offense, get his minutes down and I bet he brings his percentages up, he can shoot but he looses his legs. This is why I want to lock him up this year before the rest of the league catches on.
  10. LOCK KCP up, SVG should go for that, chances are he will be cheaper now then next year, I think they could tempt him in to taking the secure deal now, KCP with an achilles or ACL could take a severe hit, take the money now KCP, lock it down Stan Van Bower.
  11. I don't think they need to change the Cap and such to prevent this, the only reason this is happening now is because of the Cap explosion, if it wasn't for the explosion GSW wouldn't have been able to take Durant, without worrying about Curry next year for example. The Cap will stabilize again, and the ability to keep your team together and even add such talent to it will be gone.
  12. Ibaka is on the same age clock as Thon Maker, so his decline is probably natural for someone of his age.
  13. Don't hate the player, hate the game. I still need to see how it plays out, GSW lost some roll players that fit in great, with there be enough shots for Durant/Klay/SC and Green? Green was already complaining about touches, he's 4th option now, basically going to be a roll player moving forward I think.
  14. Tolliver is gone, just got 18 million for 2yrs. from SacTown, crazy time, good for him though.
  15. Looking at the free agent list, I see a few players I would be interested in, not that the Pistons have the money. Ryan Anderson, Marvin Williams, Allen Crabbe, Eric Gordon, Meyers Leonard, Gerald Henderson, Dwight Powell. Maybe wait on these guys and look for a bargain?
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