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  1. Yes, in Houston they needed the long ball. You have to wonder, the approach they may need might have to adjust to which park they are playing in... Sounds crazy, but... Of course it will often be hot and clear come June-August, where even Comerica allows more HRs.
  2. Nice work 'Father of Stan' and a Thanks... Now, where is Eric?
  3. Totally agree. IMHO, forget the 'suspects' (good with young MAJOR League talent) as we have few MLB type players. We have a long list of prospects from previous trades - and the percent of the progression towards becoming decent MLB players seems pretty low. Besides, we have 3 picks in the top 38-40 this year? Hopefully there will be some hits there (down the road) and some of the previous picks and incoming players already acquired via trades can turn things around and develop under the new regime.
  4. Hmm, I thought AA had a hand in getting JD over here at that time also... Maybe AA stays in the organization. He does seem to be a good guy and 'baseball man' per say. Then add in a new GM and maybe a few other parts. Supposedly the whole analytics department has been re-done and starting to get closer to a much more acceptable level. Yes the Rockies just parted with their GM, JBridich, CI may need to look into that... On the defensive side, the Tigs have not had any time to really develop any young players because of the situation for nearly 1 1/2 years now. That hurts, IMHO, a rebuilding team more than an already established club. Then again neither has KC and they seem to be progressing. Tampa and Oakland draft lower and have less payroll and they keep making it happen - more so than Detroit and OTHER clubs as well. When the JV trade was made, most all thought the return was acceptable, including baseball prospect gurus. Even radio pundits like Valenti said so several times and commended it. The question is 'Why can't this team develop its prospect players'? - is it bad luck, just plain bad development period, etc. I remember AA after the MFiers trade said something to the effect 'We got two chances to get it right'. I felt he meant to 'his guys' - lets get this right and sensed frustration with the comment. Yet, that is on AA to have the right 'guys' scouting (package was P's LShore and NBlackwood?). The JD deal was just bad. The LMartin deal seems decent as does the AA and JWilson deal with the Cubs. Then there are the drafts...
  5. Yea, no more 'prospects' with this regime... IMHO, I would not even trade any MLB talent (esp SP), it would just make it even worst... They have to start developing players. I saw VReyes the other day on 1b, there were two outs, the batter hit a flyball that was going to be caught but - he was running back to first! VReyes is ok, but we have a lot of the same players. 'Some' potential but free swingers galore. There is NO 'go to' offensive/position players on this team for how long now? Again, we are getting 3 picks in the top 38-40, so we do not need to trade actual MLB players for more 'crapshots' so to speak - unless it is younger MLB types that for whatever reason a team might trade ex blocked at the position they play, etc.
  6. IMHO, this team should think twice about trading ANY actual decent MLB players for more prospects (Lugo, Alcantara, Dimerette, Rogers, Perez, Blackwood, Shore, Long, Rodriguez, and on and on...). They have to develop some players. They have 3 picks in the top 36 or so again this year. Something is not right and just maybe only now it may start to get better as they have been putting more attention to that area. The first few years are looking like a wash with this rebuild now. Not having any minor league ball really hurts a team that is rebuilding. With said we still have not been able to develop players at even league average. We cannot blame Lloyd there, lol. I did not get the Nunez move at all. Makes you wonder if something else was there - even so he was a bit of a threat. They seem to be enamored with guys being able to move all over the place. I can see a few like that... Maybe they are trying to get the P straight first, develop some players who they feel could be part of a contending team (finding that out now) THEN adding a couple FA pcs also with the likes of Greene and Tork... I dunno... There has to be a plan of some kind.
  7. I tend to agree here. However, I am NOT saying Nuenez is a sure player - but he has power and some power history (and not so good D) and age on his side. I get the athleticism, but so did SAlcantara, TDemeitte, BDixon, etc. etc. We have little power and AA knows this and may feel his depth is important. Also, we can call up Paredes, HCastro (if sent down) and others at any time. We might lose Nuenez without giving him a real chance. That could be a mistake. Again, NOT saying Nuenez is a good player per say - but we can always see more without losing out after such a short trial in ST (and he was late reporting).
  8. IMHO, tend to agree here. Teams that have continued success HAVE to develop a certain amount of MLB players (that are above replacement). Not just a result of several high picks (which some have to develop) because of the constant losing and over FA spending. Point being here the Tigs needs to develop several players of the many they now have. There will be ones that do not develop, some that surprise and some lost to injuries. Depth today seems more important than ever. SP innings are going less innings, more injuries during season time for all players. Just thinking aloud, all IMHO, teams may need more multi-inning RPS, schedules back to 154 games with a few scheduled 7 inning double-headers, rosters to 27 players, xtra innings staying as they currently are (runner on 2B to start)... THIS season will be very interesting as it unfolds. Yes, some of this has to do with finances of course - but, those finances are mostly coming from fan bases that 'wish to see certain players' on the field performing at top level and with said if many are not healthy then the interest may wane...
  9. In total agreement here.
  10. I see now... hmm, you guys are ALL over it! Seems like a good move, lower cost. LHB, has some history/success and A.J. has seen a lot of him also : )
  11. no argument with that. Although, they may have to pay more and other teams may be in on him as well. I think the Tigs get a shot to put in a claim for Fisher as the third team in line to do so because of last season's record. Yet, Mazara would be a good gamble 'if' they could get him.
  12. Jays DFA Derek Fisher, wonder if worth taking a look at? OF/LHB, still only 27, power and some speed, was once a top 100 (If I re correctly). Would think A.J. has some insight here...
  13. Looks like RNunez and GGarcia are signed to MiLB deals and invited to camp. Nothing to lose. Perhaps Nunez can take his game up a tick and at least potential depth. https://twitter.com/DetroitTigersPR/status/1359551296043368457 https://twitter.com/evanwoodbery?lang=en
  14. Yes, this is very true and it is needed more than ever it seems today. The 'starting nine' seems more a thing of the past. Yes there are of course starting players - but it seems because of injuries you need a decent amount of depth. The Tigs starters last year were, IMHO, better than the team that ended the season on the field. Yet, because of lack of depth they get maybe 3 picks now in the top 38 or so for 2021. Not sure that happens if the 'starters' were in the lineup all last year. I think they will still add at least 1-2 position players and a SP. The math says apx 120 FAs unsigned and there are 30 teams. There are going to be some minor league invites out of the remaining FAs as well. As for TWalker, not sure. I suspect now that TBauer is off the market the remaining SPs will move quicker... heck, he may have a team lined up already, but due to rosters spots, DL designations to be, etc. it is not official.
  15. IMHO, I think they are monitoring the waters. Between MGonzalez, KWong, JSchoop, JVillar, JLamb, MMoreland, ADuvall, MFranco, CJCron, RNunez and maybe a couple others depending if an OF will don a 1B glove and learn the position better (JBruce?) - I see them trying to get at least 1 and maybe 2 more position players AND a SP.
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