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  1. So awesome. I feel like crank calling someone and asking if they have Olive Oil in a bottle.
  2. It sounds like Oklahoma & Horns Down U (sue me, burnt orange snowflakes) have been working on this move to the SEC over the past six weeks and Texas A&M have been kept out of the discussions on the SEC side. Let's be honest. College football is probably blowing itself up. Somehow or another, this is going to lead to conferences as we've known them dissolving and the current amalgamation of ~130 teams (I think I'm done with calling them schools) is going to be tiered officially rather than tiered with a wink wink. And I think football will separate itself further from the other sports. So maybe the basketball conferences continue to exist? I don't know.
  3. How about the B10 just return Nebraska back to the B12. They can take Rutgers & Maryland as parting gifts. Penn State, too, if it makes the transaction quick & easy.
  4. Looks like 39 players on the 40 man roster. All position players are either active or on the injured list (Goodrum, Paredes, Cameron, Rogers). So if we see a position player go to the IL, they may need to make a move if Goodrum isn't quite ready yet. Probably won't be necessary, but who knows. But, yes, if they think Clemens has potential, it seems like a September call up would make sense.
  5. Wait a minute. Are you saying you have an old English D tattooed on your ***?
  6. Yes, that's pretty...... not good. The slight changes to the block C and CLEVELAND are fine. Those changes kind of remind me of when the Tigers changed the home jersey D to match the hat D.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Memorial_Bridge Someone had a patent on Orange Barrels, so they went with Guardians.
  8. Thank goodness Bruce Chen never hit against the Tigers.
  9. Nelson Cruz traded out of division. If Kansas City trades away Whit Merrifield before tonight's game, I am all in on chasing the division title this season.
  10. I think they go with Cunningham. Perhaps they get blown away with a ridiculous offer by Houston for the 2nd (I can see Fertitta adding pressure to do so), but I suspect that won't happen. I think Weaver can build up a supporting cast, and doesn't overthink the golden ticket to take the best available potential player to build that cast around.
  11. What will the Pistons do (not what you want them to do) with the first overall pick?
  12. Oklahoma seems to have the run of its conference right now. Texas might think they do, so, ok, whatever. On the other hand, these schools have to do what's best for their student athletes. There is probably an incredible windfall of savings of laboratory beakers and scantron sheets if they join the SEC.
  13. Huh. I had forgotten Mike Leach moved on to Mississippi State.
  14. I think you can probably add having the right tools to having the right people. I know Caesar hasn’t been talked about as much as initially. Who knows, maybe it’s just something that is finally yielding results and the organization has elected to not talk about, or maybe they’ve moved on to another iteration or name along the way? I suspect something has changed along those lines and/or philosophically since we have seen two drafts that have been generally perceived as positive. Maybe it’s just recency bias, I don’t know. And maybe national opinion shouldn’t matter. But it seems encouraging and it feels different to have two of those in a row.
  15. Wow, 7-0 out of the gate? I still don’t see it as sustainable, but it’s fun to see them playing competitively.
  16. There's a drinking story in here somewhere.
  17. Yes, I think that was recent. I think this offseason is going to be a choppy one due to the upcoming CBA. That's certainly going to be a variable in what happens. Not sure how the Boras and Tigers relationship works out with Chris Ilitch instead of Mike Ilitch. Maybe the past dealings plays into it, maybe not. Who knows.
  18. Yes. 2 1/2 hours seems like a good time frame. Getting up to 3 hours is probably reasonable if there is a good flow of game action to it.
  19. Tough to tell because its the Rangers. But he kept his pitch count low and got out of a couple of jams. Still some learning curve to get through.
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