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  1. Ha! I thought the spelling was vouge, not vouch. Well, I've never claimed to not be an idiot myself, so there we go with some proof.
  2. His hitting this season after last season might just have led to a complete funk? He might have been so-so at SS and then this set back occurs and then he gets shuffled to 2B, and now he's just in an all out slump at the plate and in the field? I don't know, kind of frustrating for all involved.
  3. Fun to see Haase's game. I thought having him in LF was kind of silly in spring, but what the heck do I know? I only checked out the condensed game on MLB, and I didn't see any defense involving him. Is he a legit LF? As for Rogers, to my untrained eye, he looked like a poor defensive catcher in his 2019 call up. But looks much more competent behind the plate so far this season. Experience? Confidence? Different approach? As long as he can have a tolerable bat for lower in the lineup, maybe he can scratch out some serviceable time behind the plate until Dingler arrives.
  4. The good news is the Tigers have room for more infielders.
  5. Agree. I was using the sarcasm font which can often be confused with the straight laced font.
  6. The Tigers will let him walk and the Rays or A’s will use him successfully as an OF platoon player for 3 or 4 seasons.
  7. I think they should conduct the lottery 10 minutes before the draft. I think that’d be more fun.
  8. maybe the tigers can package cameron, stewart, woodrow, and franklin perez for trevor story?
  9. Kind of blocked by the OF of the future in Stewart & Hill & Cameron & Reyes. That kind of depth, though... Heckuva problem to have.
  10. Yes, so, get the defense first SS in there. They still have a HOF 1B on the roster. CastroH could hit close to .338 (with an overall line of .338/.338/.338). And while Castellanos may not hit 27 HR, he could put up a similar or better OPS than Inge.
  11. Exactly what everyone was hoping for. Lakers vs Warriors in an (possible) elimination game.
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