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  1. The footnote of MartinezV’s injury right before the Fielder signing is hereby noted.
  2. Please be affiliated with the Tampa Bay Raptors...
  3. But the season of Luis Pujols at the helm....
  4. I don’t know. BABIP has been awfully kind to him during this streak. Good for him for now, but I can’t see this as any more than a mirage.
  5. Candelario with the professional post game interview wearing his mitt even though he wasn’t playing defense when it ended. That’s leadership by example.
  6. Best post of the thread. It really set the tone for the game. We should pass a hat and send him some moneys.
  7. Not opposed. I like it now much more than before.
  8. Mommy, why does that weird man that keeps saying “art of pitching” have his shirt on inside out?
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