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  1. It’ll be the death of civilization. That and Cheetos.
  2. Gross. Maybe with Cunningham on the roster, the stupid alternate jersey might be halfway decent? No skid marks, no homage to the Raiders. Just go with something identifiable as the Pistons. A set of reds to go with the set of whites and the set of blues. The set of chromes were fine, I guess.
  3. 3 out of 4 is pretty good. Take out Tampa Bay and replace with the U of Miami.
  4. I don’t think we’re in a position to assume that he never ever will. We don’t know the inner workings of the clubhouse and we don’t know what it will be in the future.
  5. Dos Castros? Play all the Castros. Muchos Castros!
  6. Hinch can measure Cabrera’s personality for a year. Maybe the Tigers do sign a big name free agent hitter this off-season or next. Torkelson and Greene will be due call ups, maybe next season. It’s highly possible that the heart of the lineup of the future shows up while Cabrera comes to grips with the team need for him to move down the lineup, with milestones already attained or well within reach, and that conversation will come from a leader that’s been with him for over a season. As much as he should be moved down now, this is kind of a throw away season, and none of the options to force Cabrera out of 4th carry the talent level (albeit maybe only in potential) to make it a complete no brainer.
  7. The current structure is crumbling. The next generation of structure (if one solidifies) could very well crumble in a generation or two after its establishment.
  8. Look, I understand there are some folks that are very diligent about what goes into their bodies, and so my comment is not about those folks. I understand not every vaccine is clean and productive for everyone. I understand that there’s a small population of folks that have pre existing conditions that are troubling to combine with current vaccine options. I’m just not buying that everybody that is using the lack of an available ingredient label falls into the above mentioned categories.
  9. The "I don't know what's in the vaccine" excuse is just horse****.
  10. Yup. It's been a fun ride, but when we open the big book to Catfish 3:16.....
  11. "Please crush cups" has a whole different meaning these days, doesn't it?
  12. The scholarships and cash flowing from football to other sports will be variables. But let's keep it on the field. Take the top 32 or 40 or whatever teams, and they form their own megaconference. A team get's stuck towards the bottom of that melee for a while, and how long will they stay there? This isn't Vanderbilt in the SEC with historical ties and an understanding that a minor bowl invite is a major win. This is ..... Horns Down U finishing in the bottom half of this megaconference for a few consecutive seasons, and we know how they need to feel that they are most specialist pupil in their classroom. How does this play out then?
  13. No, there doesn't need to be an official theme title. I just think restoration > rebuild in the context of the automobiles. The franchise had its day(s) as the shiniest car on the lot, so to speak. Its now in the shop. Needs a muffler, the quarter panel has that accident scar in it, brakes are shot, etc. That's all. I'm not suggesting some cheesy name like the Revenge Tour or anything like that.
  14. Restoration is such a good play along with Motor City.
  15. So awesome. I feel like crank calling someone and asking if they have Olive Oil in a bottle.
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