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  1. Now that he has a replacement he can trade Iglesias to the Yankees for Judge.
  2. Wow. At least it wasn't 150 of them! http://www.albertatimes.com/red-deer-man-avoids-charges-20-pig-eyeballs-found-inside-rectum/
  3. Shouldn't have used a dead guy. Ruined everything. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. This guy played many different instruments in High School.
  5. Remember 1984. 35-5 going into Seattle, 35-8 coming out .
  6. Zimmerman is mowing them down. He is showing Moxie!
  7. Jerry Mathers Marshall Mathers Penny Marshall Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Taylor Swift
  8. He should have taken Sam Bowie
  9. Neat story. Some amazing instruments came out of that factory. Some of my pals are big Givson guys and one guy has a cool very old Kalamazoo tenor guitar that must have been made there. This reminds me of the special edition headphones Grado is making from an old tree in Brooklyn. https://reverb.com/item/1169965-grado-labs-gh1-oak-limited-edition-headphones I love my Grado headphones and phono cartridge.
  10. It's true. This was here in Spokane and a pal who was there confirmed. I don't think Bill can say he meant the Bush years for that makes the horrible previous seven years his terms. Interesting that the national news didn't report it. Kind of a big deal.
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