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  1. Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious.
  2. Zimmermann will be cut before the end of spring training.
  3. I actually heard back from our ticket rep today who confirmed there WILL be a Tigerfest but was unsure of any dates for tickets going on sale or when it would be held. Not much info but at least confirmation it's in the works. And I agree - hoping for a SERIOUS overhaul in how it's organized but not holding my breath.
  4. Has anybody heard whether or not they are having Tigerfest 2019? I searched around a bit and as of this past weekend, seemed to be little to no information about it. Tickets are usually on sale by now.
  5. I've found more issues on the Apple TV compared to the PS4 so just try and stick with that, but the past week or two has seen the issues of the past (buffering/server connectivity etc) creep up again across all devices. But yes, as a whole I think this has been one of the better years for MLB.TV...still, for the price can't beat it really.
  6. Same here...seems its the same issues over and over again each year.
  7. Agreed. When the two of them are having a back and forth I actually have to mute it. So much in-accuracy and just plain lazy broadcasting, coupled with losing baseball this season, has me at zero patience for these guys. Mario isn't without his own flaws but at least he puts forth the effort unlike these 2.
  8. At some point Victor has to be dropped from cleanup if this keeps up. Even swapping him & Upton would be a start.
  9. Think they said official it was day to day w/ knee contusion...didn't sound too serious.
  10. Assuming it's going to be discussed in a game thread but not everyone checks in those all the time so figured a separate thread could be done. Pelfrey next ? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/03/tigers-place-mark-lowe-on-release-waivers.html
  11. This was the card for whatever reason I would never have parted with no matter what - Matt supposed to be our savior in the late 80s/early 90s if I remember correctly (I wasn't quite 9 yet when this one came out though, so memory could be failing me now)
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