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  1. This really hurts... Verlander was one of my favorite all-time Tigers and I hoped he would have been with them his whole career. I don't think I trust Avila to do a rebuild - but I'm hoping he proves me wrong.
  2. That could be true, being invested in a certain teams organization and players leaves you way more susceptible to be critical every time a prospect/young player doesn't pan out as well. And to an extent, we have been very lucky for certain pitchers meeting and exceeding expectations (Verlander, Scherzer, Fulmer), without looking I wouldn't be surprised if those big performances put us above the middle of the pack. However, a big part, is for me anyway, Bonderman is tied very much to the 2003-2005 Tigers team, and though his performance/team performance isn't likely his fault (granted, he did have some decent years) I do think allowing to be up in 2003 when frankly, he didn't show he wasn't ready probably messed with his development.
  3. What an underwhelming return...
  4. My wife called that out - I almost totally forgot about him.
  5. Bonderman's head never seemed to be in the game, and probably being called up at 20 messed his training up. Norris... I have a feeling that the Tigers can't, for whatever reason, capitalize on "stuff" pitchers - Norris isn't a Verlander or a Scherzer.
  6. I get the sense that JD could bring back some good pieces... if Victor could be moved... more power to that! But... I am willing to wait at see before I criticize.
  7. I pretty much agree with all your points here (though I think SYG was at least made out to be the issue, if only for GZ invoking it by him proclaiming he was feeling "threatened"). I think your last point is the most important though. I simply do not think that in the heat of the moment most people can be trusted to think rationally if they think they are in danger - and a law that backs them up if they choose to be the aggressor can only make things worse. but again, that's just my opinion.
  8. He runs the Tigers like I run my OOTP league.
  9. I've been following this case for some time and though I'm not fortunate enough to know all the ins and outs of Florida law in this situation - from what I've been able to understand is that because it could not be proven that GZ was not standing his ground, "technically" he was not guilty. Which, IMHO, the law should be (at the very least) amended in that a much, much larger burden of proof should be on the shooter in these situations. Could that possibly lead to trials for totally innocent people who were truly acting in self-defense? Yes, as I would hazard a guess that most incidents happen with only the 2 people present. However, I firmly believe that taking a life no matter who it is requires far more than just proclaiming you were defending yourself, as well as asking ourselves - what is more important to us as a country? Where people can (in effect) possibly commit murder and get away with it, or where people can kill in self defense and be punished for it? I'm honestly not sure of the answer, or even if there is an answer (probably not for every situation anyway). But... the Constitution provides the right for a quick and speedy trial for everyone - why should there be a law that (in effect) allows you to take that right away from someone?
  10. I'm glad and sad at the same time - glad that Leyland has one less veteran to keep happy and force in the lineup (hopefully Eldred will produce better) sad in that he has been a part of the Tigers for such a large part of my youth - I will doubtless remember him better than most other players that will come up through the years, and in my old age will pull the "back in my day players knew how to play!" card with him.
  11. Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials !!!


  12. Hey big fella, will you be able do join us in the Yahoo! league this year?

  13. It's not often I am truely, deeply shocked, but this certainly stunned me! I think the Tigers are going to have to pretty much eat the last few years, but oh man - they are going to be fun to watch.
  14. When I Get Home Little Child Not that they are necessarily terrible, in fact I like the harmonies in Little Child, but they are quite boring, pedestrian songs.
  15. This makes me sad... I saw him speak at a graduation of a friend a few years back, he seemed like a nice, down to earth guy. Loved him in his episodes of "The Twilight Zone".
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