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  1. I get that. Still, he has the ability to come up with a big hit or even a HR in this ballpark. I hate Baltimore. Lucky...
  2. Are you really surprised? We saw this A LOT this season. I still don't get how we had one of the best offenses in the AL.
  3. Max made one mistake pitch in the first inning and was not out of gas. He was a better option than Joba. Soria was brought into a game after it was already spiraling out of control.
  4. If anything he should have left Max in the damn game. Joba did not have good numbers against Jones or Cruz. That was a horrible decision bringing him into the game. Soria was brought into a bad situation, AGAIN.
  5. Dude, stop that. That's a dumb statement. This series isn't over. And they should beat Baltimore, but our kryptonite has already shown itself... Brad Ausmus, defense, and the bullpen.
  6. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with him being hurt. It has to do with us having zero bench depth.
  7. Bench depth matters in the postseason. Hell, I'd play him over Hunter, but what do I know?
  8. By the way, I was roasted for jumping on Dombrowski when the O's acquired De Aza. He'd look awfully good in the D right now compared to Kelly & Carrera. Edit: Seriously, fire Brad Ausmus. Why would you not walk Cruz there after the stolen base?!?! Why do you bring Joba in!?!?
  9. Seriously Brad? I know others will disagree with me, but I would have at least left him in there to face Jones.
  10. I'll be so glad when Hunter is gone. You just knew he wasn't going to do anything good there.
  11. I've often wondered what he does during these celebrations. I've been looking for him in the locker room and haven't seen him (granted, it's hard to tell).
  12. I'd prefer to just win this game and not worry about it, but that's good.
  13. Don Kelly being in this crucial game says everything about our bench depth.
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