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  1. It sickens me to see KC this close to a World Series considering how mediocre they are outside of their bullpen. It's the Tigers organization's fault though that they didn't go further, and I doubt the mistakes are corrected this offseason or anytime soon.
  2. I'm really starting to the people who run this organization.
  3. I made an entire post about this weeks ago that I don't feel like digging up. There are a handful, although I would much rather just keep Victor. You don't give stupid money to a guy his age though after a career year at age 35. We have contracts are that have albatross-like potential as it is.
  4. No one should be willing to give him four years. That's insane for a guy his age. I would offer him arbitration and shoot for a two year deal with a club option for the third year. And if he takes it, great. If not, find another middle of the order bat in the market.
  5. Teams buy out their current manager's contract in this case if they want Maddon. I hope the Tigers were one of the teams his agent contacted.
  6. I'm 100% agreed with the OP. If you can get Maddon, you fire Ausmus and make the move. He has always been at the top of my wish list for managers and never thought the opportunity would be there.
  7. I'll take Price over Scherzer. As I have said in another post, pitchers like Price tend to age better than guys like Scherzer.
  8. I'm seriously considering not ordering MLB.tv at this point. I can't stand watching Ausmus manage this team. He will be fired. The organization is just wasting a portion of the window we have left with this group. Edited: Posted from mobile & grammar was turrrrible in one spot.
  9. I would rather give the money to Price. Just my crazy thinking, but I think guys like Price age better and stay effective longer than guys like Max. With that said, I predict the Red Sox sign him, but I think the Cubs are the dark-horse.
  10. Still waiting on the announcement that Brad and his staff are gone. Sadly, I think I'll be waiting one year too long.
  11. DD did take steps, but not nearly enough. And half of those signings/trades (Soria/Hanrahan) you mention were done in desperation due to not addressing the bullpen enough last offseason. He addressed the closer's role and hoped that the rest of the pen would shake out with Joba, Al Al, Rondon (who was still unproven pre-injury), Coke, & Krol.
  12. Sorry Yoda. I was typing this before you ever posted the offseason thread. I think the two could co-exist, especially considering the content of the offseason thread tends to be all over the place & this is rather focused. As for Joba, I think he's going to get more money than he's worth. Signing relievers to long-term deals scare me unless they're utterly dominate & in the prime of their careers.
  13. Actually, I did mention Lobstein, Dirks, and Kelly. I like Collins, but hard to see him as more than a fourth OF. And I thought it was pretty much a given that Al Al and Hardy would be in pen. Rondon is a huge question mark after TJ surgery.
  14. So as I watched our beloved Tigers slowly fade away in the 2014 season, I wanted to look forward to next season as we are going to see quite a few changes. It is almost a certainty that Scherzer will be in another uniform. V-Mart is a free agent and it is hard to tell if he will be back with the team. And of course, Torii Hunter has to be gone, or at least we can only hope. So, let us look forward and address the roster: Catcher - Avila? His concussions are becoming a concern and the Tigers would be well served to have a true platoon-mate for him and someone who we can rely when he’s out. I would assume the answer might be James McCann. First Base - Miggy is locked in here for now. I doubt he’s ready to move to DH full-time yet. Having someone who can actually back him up would be nice though. Second Base - Kinsler had a good year and will be our guy for a bit longer. Sure, he stunk in the postseason, but so did most of the team. Shortstop - We can only hope that Iglesias is healthy and able to return to himself as a defensive star. Any offense you can get out of him would be an added bonus. I would hope Suarez is used as a bench option, although every day playing time in Toledo wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Romine I would guess will be back. Third Base - Castellanos is either here or a corner outfielder. I personally am wanting to give him another shot at third to grow back into the position as he did show flashes of having ability to make plays over there. Oh, and the bat should definitely improve. Hanley Ramirez is out there, but I highly doubt he is an option. Aramis Ramirez & Chase Headley are other options if they move Nick to the OF. Left Field - I believe in J.D. What a lucky find! He could also be an option in right field. Center Field - Rajai Davis is a reserve player and not an every day guy. We have to find someone to play center either via free agency or trade. The free agent options are flat out ugly. Denard Span has a club option and would be the only decent option if the Nationals decline it. Right Field - Hunter is toast. Nice guy. Wish we could have won him a World Series. But he has to go. The free agent options aren’t great. Yasmany Tomas is the best guy out there and who knows how much he will get and if he’ll even produce? Nick Markakis has a $17.5M mutual option that will likely be declined and I wouldn’t mind him as our leadoff hitter, but he’ll get more money than he deserves. Jozzen Cuesta might also be an option here & could back up Miggy at first base. I would love Moya to be ready, but he is at least one year away and who knows if he ends up in the OF anyway. Designated Hitter - I hope V-Mart is back on a reasonable two-year deal. You obviously offer him arbitration at the very least. Cuddyer might be an okay option here. Adam LaRoche wouldn’t be a terrible option either. Nelson Cruz will cost a draft pick, but it would be worth it if V-Mart is gone. Let’s hope V-Mart is back though. Starting Pitchers - I assume Price, Verlander, Sanchez, & Porcello are back. Scherzer is likely as good as gone (at least we will get a draft pick). Robbie Ray has a lot of work to do and did not look ready by the end of the season, so I think they need a stop gap before someone in the system comes up. I would love to see a guy like Brandon McCarthy signed to a one-year deal. A trade also would be an option. I’m sure some would like to see Lobstein given a shot, but that’s way too risky for me. Bullpen - Here we go. Absolutely inexcusable that Dombrowski has did such a poor job addressing the ‘pen last year. I would certainly bring Soria back on his option after you gave up so much to get the guy. The next thing I do is go to Andrew Miller and ask how much it takes to sign him. Next you have to go after at least two other pieces. I’m not a fan of spending big on the pen b/c gems are found every year. Just find some guys with upside and sign them cheaply. Then sign a couple of more to minor league deals. Goodbye Phil Coke. Goodbye Joba Chamberlain. I'd love for Nathan to retire, but it won't happen. Let's just hope he figures things out and is at least passable next year. Bench - This is the second most glaring weakness behind the pen. R. Davis is great coming off the bench and playing against LHP. That’s where it should stop though. I’m really hoping McCann is sharing time with Avila. I would love to have a guy like Mike Aviles (club option) or Emilio Bonafacio off the bench too. A trade would also be a way to go. No matter what I would prefer not having Don Kelly back. I appreciate the time he put in here, but it’s time to improve. I wouldn’t even be opposed to having a guy like Corey Hart on a one-year deal to bring off the bench. I’m sure many will disagree with what I said above, but I’m just ready to look forward. This team could have won it all in 2014, but had far too many holes. I’ll leave the manager discussion to be done elsewhere because ultimately the roster is what cost us this year. There are a lot of holes to fill and the payroll is likely an issue. What say you? What positions do you believe need to be addressed most?
  15. Carrera is terrible. Don Kelly is terrible. Bottom line is that Don Kelly is starting an elimination game in CF. Our bench is the worst in the league.
  16. I can't enjoy these games as much as long as Ausmus is the manager. He is by far the worst manager in MLB, and that's saying something when guys like Ned Yost & Matt Williams have jobs.
  17. Okay, seriously... if Rajai can't turn that into a double maybe he shouldn't be playing.
  18. We MUST sign a backup for Avila that could be a legitimate platoon mate. He should never play against lefties.
  19. Bull**** call because they didn't know how they would even handle calling it a non-HR.
  20. This team is playing in the postseason about the way I figured it would. Edit: I appreciate Hunter wanted to play it off the wall, but he could have jumped and caught that dang ball. Am I wrong?
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