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  1. They're about to go three games under .500 since the 11-2 start. Be sarcastic all you want, but this team has been poorly managed for a while now.
  2. This team is not very good right now. Changes should be made to the coaching staff, but it won't happen midseason.
  3. I hate that Romine is still on the team ahead of Collins, but I suspect that will not last. The bench is going to be below-average regardless.
  4. Especially at this price tag. Very low risk move.
  5. What an odd & complicated deal. That's about the only way Boras was going to get him $200M. Still, I'm glad the Tigers did not budge. He doesn't go deep enough into games and I'd hate to see how he's pitching in the latter half of this deal.
  6. Any official dumb enough to say this to the media on or off the record should lose their job. It does not benefit the organization whatsoever.
  7. This. With his elbow issues last season, there's a decent chance he passes through waivers.
  8. Tigers have signed Tom Gorzelanny, according to multiple sources on Twitter. Finally the bullpen is addressed.
  9. I think Lester is probably a bit better comp than Scherzer. I still would much rather have Price than Scherzer. I'll take the guy who goes deep into games and has a longer track record of success.
  10. Per Jon Morosi I hope this isn't true. One would think you would at least see what Price & his agent are thinking on a long-term deal.
  11. Great low-risk, high-reward signing by KC to redeem themselves after giving Volquez a two-year deal yesterday. I wish Dombrowski had went after Medlen.
  12. WE GAVE UP SUAREZ FOR THIS ****ING GUY. I quit. I can't do this with you anymore Dave Dombrowski. You aren't the same GM I fell in love with years ago.
  13. I'm also hoping the Tigers went & got Latos. That would be huge.
  14. I'm only a fan of this deal b/c I couldn't see giving Porcello a long-term contract at the price he's going to cost unless he had a great year.
  15. Verlander's contract has worked out so well already. Big, long-term deals for pitchers around the age of 30 are just asking for trouble.
  16. @Buster_ESPN: #Tigers' focus is on retaining Max Scherzer. They are prepared to spend big, big dollars. Want to keep Price for 2015, too. I'm really not a fan of this strategy. We are going to be awful in a few years, and frankly, it isn't worth another set of miserable years to sign these guys to bad contracts. Plus, I still think signing Price to a long-term deal makes more sense than Scherzer.
  17. If we are going to spend that money, I pray we spend it elsewhere. Max is going to get severely overpaid for the last two years. I'm terrified of his next six.
  18. The Doug Fister trade makes me want to vomit more and more. Thanks Dave.
  19. Some interesting non-tender guys: Evereth Cabrera (compete with Iglesias?) Daniel Descalso (great bench guy) Kyle Blanks (great bench bat) Brandon Beachy/Kris Medlen (would love to get Medlen especially, but both guys would be solid low risk signings) Michael Kirkman (LHP reliever) Scott Snodgress (LHP who could be a swing man) Wesley Wright (LHP reliever)
  20. I have zero interest in bringing Scherzer back. If we are going to give another bloated contract to an ace pitcher, sign Price to an extension now. Otherwise, start finding cheaper options and improve the team in other areas with the money you're looking at putting into a Scherzer deal. There are far too many holes in the bullpen, outfield, catcher, and the bench to be throwing stupid money to Scherzer, who I would think is not likely to age well.
  21. Glad to see they brought him back on a low-risk deal. He has the potential to be our best reliever if he is healthy.
  22. He better be posturing. Collins would be a fine OF bat off the bench, but we need another everyday corner outfielder. I'm not saying they have to go out and sign a guy like Tomas (although I wouldn't complain), but at least stop trying to run multiple fourth outfielders out there in your lineup daily.
  23. We already had a strictly number nine hitter in Iglesias. Maybe I've missed something with Gose, but I'm losing faith in Dombowski quickly. I would have expected more for a decent prospect like Travis.
  24. Sigh. Tire. Tire of the people who run the organization. I don't know why I post from my phone. It's asking for trouble every time.
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