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  1. Hello from Ghosts of Message Board's Past... Ausmus still sucks. His late game management is likely to cost them again tonight.
  2. Excellent minor league signing with no-risk and possible high reward!
  3. I really like this deal! Now go get Heyward!
  4. Some of the contract predictions I've seen for him seem downright reasonable and I think he'll be worth every penny he gets. I'd kill to see him signed by the Tigers, but they rarely make signings like him.
  5. Is that another way of saying making another signing like Pelfrey?
  6. I could have gotten in through the minor leagues, but the best jobs posted at the Winter Meetings were $20-25K and even those were few and far between. And really, I was told it's hard to jump from the minors to the majors. So you almost have to take a very low paying internship with in the big leagues if you want a chance and I couldn't do that coming from a lower-middle class family. Unless you have a family with money who can support you or connections of some sort, it's incredibly hard to work in professional sports. College athletics isn't much better, but there are more jobs so it's a little easier to break in and you'll make a little bit more starting out. You're also much more likely to make respectable money long-term if you stick with it.
  7. I know it's a pipe dream, but go get Heyward. He's one of the few guys who will be worth the money he gets and still has potential to improve.
  8. Word of advice, don't bother. I went to the Winter Meetings after finishing my Master's degree in 2009. I got one interview. While networking at the bars, I was told repeatedly that I was too educated to work in baseball and that's why I wasn't getting interviews. They want to pay next to nothing and have you work stupid hours, which no one with my education would do. That is why I work in college athletics now. Easy to be paid respectably and work your way up the ladder.
  9. Just came back and saw this was for two years. I could have lived with one year and too much money, but this is awful.
  10. Excuse me while I go throw up. They must think Fulmer is going to be ready this year.
  11. This really isn't a loss at all for the Tigers. Krol didn't work out and we needed to add depth in the OF. Maybe still could end up being a bench bat in the end if they go out and get a free agent outfielder. And let's be honest, the price tag ($6.5M) is not that high in the current MLB economy. We're getting to the point where $10M/year isn't outrageous for a slightly above average player.
  12. Wow, I don't log in much anymore due to work, but just so happened to come by today and see this. I was lucky enough to have met Roger and some of the Lakeland crew years ago when I was an undergrad in college and traveling to Spring Training games with my dad. Roger was always one of my favorite people on this board and such a great person along with his wife. I'm sure he did this with others, but he would send me birthday wishes as a private message yearly since we had met and he respected my opinions on here. I will miss his insight and kindness. Goodbye sir. May you rest in peace.
  13. I just saw this thread for the first time since I don't visit nearly as often. Roger, you have always been my favorite person here. I hope things are improving and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. I would much rather move Miggy, V-Mart, Cespedes, & JD up one spot each that put Cespedes second.
  15. That a boy Brad! Put the guy with a .319 OBP in the two-hole. Why is this guy still managing this team? Let's really shake things up.
  16. I'm not opposed to selling at the deadline because it seems like the only way this front office can build is via trades. Their ability to build via the draft and international signings is spotty at best. With that said, I'm still hoping they re-sign Price because without him this staff is garbage.
  17. He couldn't catch up to three fastballs. Seriously? Our bench is even worse than I thought it would be.
  18. As I was saying about Ausmus's crappy managing costing us later with V-Mart being pinch run for by Wilson.
  19. Yeah, all you did was make me hope my MLB.tv feed was behind and something good was about to happen only to be sorely disappointed.
  20. Ausmus taking Victor out of the game with two outs and him being on first base is a perfect example of over-managing. It's one thing if there are less than two outs, but that was ridiculous.
  21. Hey, it's never the manager's fault. They make no difference at all. Verlander should be grittier.
  22. Nick is sitting on the bench for the third consecutive game this evening. I really do not understand the organization's logic on not sending him to Toledo. Either play him or send him down and let him try to fix his approach at the plate.
  23. Wouldn't shock me. This offense is a problem. Runs per game is not indicative of how they're actually hitting regularly.
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