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  1. I don't know why but I find it hilarious that titus is STILL makeing those animations all these years later. He's really stepped up his quality game with them too. I remember before in some of them, in some frames the players skin colour would change to the wrong hue, etc, but look proper in other frames, etc. His new ones don't look anywhere near as amateurish. I'm trying to recall though, what did he do that make him a creep? I know it was something that somebody discovered about him on a different site but I really can't remember what it was.
  2. Trying to think of some of the legendary posters who have come and gone over the years. Does anybody remember "The Strategy Expert" ? Remember, he had that statistic that he invented called "OE" which I think stood for "Offence Efficiency." which seemed to be just some arbitrary percentage he gave out to players based on some top secret formula that he wouldn't reveal to anybody because he was saving it to sell to major league GMs or something. At first I thought this was a fake account that somebody came up with to mock sabermetrics. It was an amusing time nonetheless whoever that guy was. Then there was that other guy who would always post those really amateurish (yet endearing) home made animated GIFs of caricatures of various players, the mascot PAWS, etc. They looked like something someone would sketch in MS Paint, only he animated them. I loved them at any rate. I can't even remember that guy's name. Library Monkey or something like that?
  3. Man Can't believe this place is over 20 years old. I don't think I joined until around 2004 or so. Looking back at some of my old posts is kind of embarrassing. I was a dumbass to say the least. But yeah many great posters on here. I really have to get around to visiting more often again.
  4. We had to take about 2 weeks off due to personal reasons, but we will be back tonight. 9pm Eastern Standard Time. If any of you guys are into noisy bluesy garage rock, in the style of The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Iggy & The Stooges, etc. Here is a link to our twitch channel
  5. Hey Everybody!!!! I play in a noisy, bluesy, garage rock duo. Similar in style to The White Stripes, The Black Keys, etc. We play live streams 3 nights a week on Twitch. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Usually we play for about 2-3 hours. It would mean the world to us if you came and checked us out!! https://www.twitch.tv/thesociallydistantcanada See the trailer video for a brief snippet of the style of music we play.
  6. I rarely post on here anymore but I do lurk from time to time. Anyway, looking over from the Canadian side of the border, I'm extremely worried by what I'm seeing on CNN. I love you all, please stay safe everybody. I hope this ends peacefully but I fear the worst.
  7. Not sure if we have any fans of The White Stripes in here or not, but here is our live off the floor cover of The Big Three Killed My Baby from band practice last week.
  8. The king of the diabeetus has passed away! https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/02/entertainment/wilford-brimley-actor-dies/index.html
  9. Yeah, I agree. I wish I had a POG. I'm able to somewhat simulate the sound of a POG with my TC Electronics Sub N Up pedal. I can pitch shift to 3 different octaves simultaneously, so it sounds close to a POG but not exact.
  10. It there visibly a flat spot on the fret? Maybe it can just be crowned. Or perhaps the neck is just too straight. If you don't get dead spots higher on the neck you might just need a tiny bit of extra relief (very slight truss rod adjustment). maybe. Hard to say but definitely a fixable problem.
  11. Appreciate it. It's a 2017 Les Paul Standard in Blueberry Burst finish. At the time I found the color really striking and had to grab it. I don't know if they still produce that paint scheme.
  12. Well since we are a two piece with a female drummer, of course we play lots of White Stripes tunes. Not sure if you all are into The White Stripes, but here you go:
  13. I had no idea who Black Box Revalation was so I just looked them up on YouTube just now and wow those guys are great, totally the sound we are trying to go for. Appreciate the feedback and happy to have discovered a new band! We are strongly influenced by the Detroit garage rock scene, from The Stooges to The MC5 to The White Stripes.
  14. Yup it's a two piece. I'm on guitar and vocals. I've got a female drummer named Renee. Totally a White Stripes kind of band arrangement. I overlaid a bass track and additional guitar, but when we play live it's just the two of us, so I have to come up with some creative arrangements to fill up the sound spectrum. Thanks for listening!
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