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  1. The WS is my football season...Rangers will play the part of the Tigers THIS year...hoping for Tigers vs. Dimondbacks/ Cards next WS...
  2. Fister fits better than Max...agree!
  3. As for Pujols, it would definitely surprise me, but I wouldn't have the freak out of excitement that many would... Remember last time we showed flashes of brilliance in 06? Illitch went all out, and got Cabrera from nowhere. This is goosebump stuff
  4. I'll be watching...took work off until 11/2...slappy?
  5. I didn't catch the live game (layover in Effingham) but I just started he condensed version with field audio...and...the stands were giving it to our guys big time! NY and Boston got their due in '11...IMO
  6. Delightful crew over there...
  7. That's rubbing the nose in the litter box! Never dreamed that the Twinkies surpassed our out go...
  8. Wife loves Tiger Den...better than aisle seating...and my experience has been that it is the LEAST obstructed of the lower level seats!
  9. Some great podcasts could come from das boot...
  10. The staff will have to come from other teams most likely...
  11. Tigers name former pitcher Mike Maroth pitching coach for Single-A Lakeland | MLive.com Yes!
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