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  1. Up to the cancer remission 80% point...that was powerful...
  2. 4...can't say I ever found Ampex in cassette form...
  3. For the waiting period until 2/7/14 for TWD...this show will be binge watched in my free time...thanks, Netflix!
  4. Everclear one part and 151 one part over ice...
  5. Worthy of a bookmark (as someone that hates to READ music), thanks!
  6. Jones must be kept but not as Manager...
  7. Seconded. And without the old man, most likely...
  8. https://www.canvas.net/courses/the-walking-dead 24
  9. If you can't upright a bike that has taken a spill, you should not buy it. 90 pound chicks on Harleys?
  10. I can't wait to see how Beth gets the hookup...with Carl. I got that sense.
  11. I do NOT intend to read the comic before the last episode.
  12. Ugueth Urbina prison - chicagotribune.com Sports Xchange 9:42 p.m. CST, December 25, 2012 Former major league All-Star closer Ugueth Urbina spent Christmas as a free man after he was released from a Venezuelan prison after serving more than five years on an attempted-murder conviction. Urbina was accused of attacking multiple men on his property in November 2005, allegedly trying to set them on fire and going after at least one with a machete. He was convicted in March 2007 and given a 14-year sentence. The incident ended an 11-year career in which Urbina, 38, twice made the All-Star team. He led the National League with 41 saves for the Montreal Expos in 1999. Urbina broke in with Montreal in 1995, and he played with the Expos until a July 2001 trade sent him to the Boston Red Sox. He spent two years in Boston, earning 40 saves in 2002. Later in his career, Urbina pitched for the Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies. He earned four postseason saves in 2003 while helping the Marlins win the World Series. In 583 career appearances, including 21 starts, Urbina went 44-49 with 237 saves and a 3.45 ERA.
  13. laverty

    MLB TV

    I unsubbed because of the huge blackout area...I might do something with At Bat/Gameday for the audio. I have had blackout as far as three hundred air miles this season..I am fed up with paying for this...
  14. Trucks are governed by the insurance companies...55 for everyone!
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