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  1. I am trying the Android app version. Good stuff!
  2. Including harming Brienne. There was an unspoken bond or code.
  3. Due to an obvious driver or equipment defect. Makes the stop a lock for the needed write up.
  4. Unsophisticated judicial, unsophisticated jurors. Always looking over my shoulder when on that side of the lake.
  5. He is at peace with his friends. Taps
  6. Report: Detroit Tigers will fire manager Brad Ausmus at end of 2015 season | MLive.comTalk of fresh start DETROIT -- Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is expected to keep his job for the remainder of the 2015 season. But he reportedly will not be back in 2016.
  7. Vanessa or Karen? Yeah...Tony Soprano and Vanessa, a great hookup for sure...
  8. If I had thumped myself on the nose with a mike stand I would be out of synch. Bad enough to be mike zapped but DLR needed stitches after the performance after nailing himself with a prop...
  9. Mother dick and porch dick from S5...what do we get from S6 ?
  10. So humbling...had no idea he was still with us so recently...
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