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  1. The snipers may have been there, but that account doesn't make sense to me. In a relatively small, rural town like Hopkinton, to have snipers on the roof wouldn't do much good...on the roof of what; Town Hall? Colella's Supermarket? The REMAX office? I don't see it.

    I think people just assume someone standing on top of a building is a sniper.... could just be someone simply watching the start of the race

  2. The reactions in this thread are ridiculous. Oh no, we signed him to a minor league deal with no risk involved!!!!!! What a terrible thing. Jesus people, take a deep breath. I see no reason to not take a look at him. If he's in a little better shape and has his stuff working more similarly to 2011 than 2012, he could be quite valuable. If he looks like crap in the minors, sorry, see ya. What's the big deal? Its not like K-Rod was any better last year.

    we are freaking out because we all know this just means that Valverde will be back in a matter of weeks if not days, and that they really didnt give the group closer a honest shot

  3. It would be something if OD there is nicer than it is here..... Weather Channel is less optimistic, they're saying 41.

    Accuweather is now saying 44 with morning snow showers!

    Which I dn't mind because chances are it will change.

    I started going to OD in 1992 and a few at Tiger Stadium and Comerica's opening stand out as being really really miserable. Other than that it's mostly been chilly but manageable.

    Its usually not bad on OD unless your sitting in the upper deck and then the wind can be really biting.

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