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  1. One of John King of CNN sources says its a dark skin male
  2. it also looks like you can still see the orange color from the bag in the second photo
  3. I think people just assume someone standing on top of a building is a sniper.... could just be someone simply watching the start of the race
  4. I find myself getting angry.... damn kids
  5. we are freaking out because we all know this just means that Valverde will be back in a matter of weeks if not days, and that they really didnt give the group closer a honest shot
  6. Yeah Arod is making more money not playing baseball then the whole Astros roster
  7. insane... he could be good all season long , but hes gonna lose it again in the post season. its all mental with him
  8. wow i am shocked that Jagr is still playing
  9. no one does a good job if you grew up listening to Bruce Martyn do the games on the radio. Hes the gold standard in my mind
  10. Did any one else watch this fight last night on HBO? it was awesome one of best fights i've ever seen. Lamply and Kellerman said it was a better fight then Ward vs. Gotti which if you know anything about boxing thats high praise. Y! SPORTS
  11. Does the book talk alot about his life after baseball or is it more on his playing days?
  12. does anyone think that FIFA is getting let this stand? they seem to be anti-american so i can see this result getting thrown out
  13. Its usually not bad on OD unless your sitting in the upper deck and then the wind can be really biting.
  14. cat. 2 dvd's and Blu Rays.. i have some many but most of the time i am watching shows off of my DR so i never watch them after the 1st viewing cat. 4 Bobbleheads... I have over 20 just collect dust on top of a book shelf
  15. I'd have to think Jordan Morgan is injured worst then they are saying or maybe its legal problems
  16. seems like the Wings get bumped by the Piston alot to FSD+ which kind of surprises me.... i'd think that would be based on ratings. also with the tigers having huge ratings you'd think money wouldnt be an issue with FSD.... unless they are saving money for the next deal
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