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  1. I was there too and i've never had so much room at a Michigan Game, alot of season ticket holders didnt show up either, no wonder the team played so flat they mailed it in like everyone else.
  2. I use to love listening to Art Bell when i worked the 3rd shift . wonder whats going on with Mel's Hole? and who didnt love Ghost to Ghost on Halloween. I hated Noory he seems to just rehash stupid guest... atleast art had interest in other things and would talk about it
  3. i am going with god hates Toby Keith
  4. funny how its always henning writing these pieces complaining about Comerica park
  5. i am with you on the color.... I hate it, i hardly have any Lions stuff because of my dislike of the color
  6. Dont forget that Howard stern is most likely leaving at the end of his contract
  7. the Eagles take lane Johnson
  8. Dion Jordan to the Dolphins
  9. Miami trades with the raiders for Number 3
  10. Luke Joeckel to Jacksonville
  11. Eric Fisher is the NO 1 pic to the Chiefs
  12. i like to think i am conservative but this makes me nervous as hell
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