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  1. im about ready to retire from the Lions
  2. "We have been told that Viramontes was given bad information from a member of his camp that Michigan wouldn’t give him a shot at quarterback and he would immediately be a fullback or linebacker, which is completely false. Jim Harbaugh see's Viramontes as a high ceiling prospect at quarterback that has a lot of similar qualities to Colin Kaepernick." Details on Victor Viramontes and Michigan Looks like Michigan is still working on getting Victor back in the fold
  3. expect thats a horrible angle, look down the line like linesmen and you'll see that james helmet is on the line
  4. Ollie Fretter, colorful founder of Fretter Appliances, dead at 91 | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
  5. it was bad way before Snyder
  6. Why Michiganders pay among highest gas taxes — to drive on crummy roads | Detroit Free Press | freep.com IMO its criminal how bad the roads are in Michigan and dont give me the weather crap because states like Minnesota and Wisconsin dont have roads this bad
  7. 1-0 Germany Mueller is killing it in this World Cup
  8. so do the slow condition favor the US or Germany?
  9. mid august til i think the end of may When does the 2014/15 season start?
  10. expect all the haters like to say that no one watches soccer and this points out that that is wrong. with growth of the latin american population and the fact that ESPN is pushing it those numbers are only gonna grow
  11. because its easier and more productive go after one huge target then 62 little ones
  12. what set does the card on the far left come from? its looks like a set i use to have
  13. 3-0 Germany over Portugal at the half...... with Pepe getting a red card the hopes of the US maybe looking up
  14. wow from reading this thread you'd thought this was the 04 Tigers playing..... lets not forget what real horrible baseball is
  15. yeah but its artificially changing it. with almost an endless supply of cheap labor supply and demand really doesnt work
  16. expect in the service industry up here in Traverse City where the hotels and resorts will just import workers from jamaica to keep the wages down
  17. how is watching the ball go over the fence showing up the pitcher?
  18. I dont know if this has been brought up but before the Tigers became good it was hard to find another Tiger fan to talk baseball with so you also had to find a messageboard to get your Tigers fix. But now that they are good everyone follows them and its not so hard to find someone in your daily life to talk tigers baseball. i remember buying a car back in 2003 and having the salesman asking me if a follow the tiger , i told him yeah and started to talk about how much i thought Dean Palmer helped the team when i realized he was talking about Tiger Woods. oops
  19. dont give up a home run then if you cant handle the batter watching it go out of the park, its a natural human reaction to want to watch. it seems like that unwritten rule comes from thin skin pitchers.
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