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  1. im about ready to retire from the Lions
  2. "We have been told that Viramontes was given bad information from a member of his camp that Michigan wouldn’t give him a shot at quarterback and he would immediately be a fullback or linebacker, which is completely false. Jim Harbaugh see's Viramontes as a high ceiling prospect at quarterback that has a lot of similar qualities to Colin Kaepernick." Details on Victor Viramontes and Michigan Looks like Michigan is still working on getting Victor back in the fold
  3. expect thats a horrible angle, look down the line like linesmen and you'll see that james helmet is on the line
  4. Ollie Fretter, colorful founder of Fretter Appliances, dead at 91 | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
  5. it was bad way before Snyder
  6. Why Michiganders pay among highest gas taxes — to drive on crummy roads | Detroit Free Press | freep.com IMO its criminal how bad the roads are in Michigan and dont give me the weather crap because states like Minnesota and Wisconsin dont have roads this bad
  7. 1-0 Germany Mueller is killing it in this World Cup
  8. so do the slow condition favor the US or Germany?
  9. mid august til i think the end of may When does the 2014/15 season start?
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