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  1. There is no technical issue preventing them from inserting ads. I imagine it is stipulated in the TV contracts that they sign with the local sports networks that prevents them from competing on ad buys. This would give the regional sports network a monopoly on selling adds during high profile viewings such as baseball games. WatchESPN does the same thing as well.
  2. It really reminds me of the Fister trade, but kind of in reverse.
  3. They can't afford him. Maybe if Vmart or Miggy go down for the season in the next couple of weeks and they have the insurance money to play with, but otherwise I would be shocked if it happened.
  4. I can't imagine he has much trade value right now. Might as well build him up before trying to trade him.
  5. My guess the PTBNL is someone decent. Looks like FRods contract is a bargain.
  6. No! Stay a millions miles away from the Shannahans.
  7. Does this mean his contract is paid by insurance? Should free up some money for the Tigers next year.
  8. Seems you could really abuse with the use of the DH.
  9. I read that as "Tigers Sign Price" and got real excited.
  10. It's always a bad sign when the other teams Message Board universally loves a trade thier GM made. Not a fan of the Simon trade, love the Porcello trade though. Wilson isn't very good, but the other propspect they got could be a good bullpen piece.
  11. Our rotation currently is JV, Price, Greene (Young), Simon (1 Year Wonder?), and some scrap heap #5. DD must really be banking on a bounce back year from JV. Losing Porcello and probably Scherzer does give the team a ton of money to resign Price.
  12. Yeah, not loving Simon looking at his past history. Would be ok if the Tiger's didn't pay for an All-Star price (I.e. if they just sent over the two prospects they got from the Sox). Looks like he could at least be a decent reliever.
  13. He and I share the same birthday! Just 13 years apart. I hope he enjoy Cincy!
  14. Wow. Didn't know that since I thought he signed with Oakland before the current QO system existed.
  15. If he deserves, we would extend a qo to Cespedes and get that pick if he leaves anyways. I'm coming around on this trade actually. Porcello is going to be somewhat of a Binary season. Either he will tear it up in 2015 and demand a $20M a year contract right alongside David Price or he will suck and the trade will work in the Tiger's favor anyways.
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